Advising Student Resources

You and Your Advisor:  An Academic Partnership

Your Advisor will

  • Have posted hours
  • Help you think through your educational goals
  • Be familiar with rules & regulations
  • Assist you with career choices
  • Aid in class selection
  • Help with academic problems

You should 

  • Meet your advisor as soon as possible
  • Read the BMCC catalog to become familiar with the college
  • Ask your advisor for information
  • Make tentative choices of classes before seeing your advisor
  • Seek your advisor's help when problems first arise.

Finding Your Advisor

  • All degree seeking students must have an advisor. It is strongly suggested that you meet with your advisor prior to registering each term.
  • If you do not have an advisor, you can contact the Advising Center at 541-278-5931 to have one assigned.
  • If you have an advisor but are not sure who it is, you can contact the Advising Center to get their name and contact information.

Getting Registered

  • Approximately mid-term, you will start seeing notices around campus announcing the dates and times for pre-registration for the next term and reminding you to make an appointment with your advisor.
  • Make an appointment to see your advisor, making sure you have prepared yourself for the appointment.
  • Once you have cleared your schedule with your advisor you can go on-line to, go to Wolf Web, login and register for classes. You will be unable to register on line for any classes with prerequisites you have not completed at BMCC. You can complete an Add/Drop slip and take it to a Service Counter to get registered for those classes.

Registration Procedures

  • For more information on registration information and procedures, adding and/or dropping classes, Click Here.