Oregon Residency Requirements

Note: The following information on Oregon residency does not pertain to international students.

For purposes of determining tuition rates and receiving state reimbursement, BMCC is required by law to establish a residency policy. A student may petition for residency if at least ONE of the following criteria is met and TWO of the documents are provided as proof. Petitions must be made in writing. Forms may be obtained from Admissions & Records and must be submitted to the Director for approval.

Criteria (must meet at least one):

  1. The student must have resided in the state of Oregon for at least 90 continuous days prior to the beginning of the term;
  2. The student, or a member of the immediate family, holds title to or is otherwise purchasing property which is claimed as a permanent Oregon residence;
  3. The student, or parents of a dependent student, filed an income tax statement with the Oregon Department of Revenue for the most recent reporting year;
  4. The student is a veteran who established residency within the state of Oregon within one year of separation or discharge from the service;
  5. The student is a dependent of parent or legal guardians who have established permanent residency within the state of Oregon.

Documents (must provide at least two):

  1. An Oregon hunting or fishing license which was issued at least 90 days prior to the beginning of the term;
  2. A copy of deed of title, mortgage agreement or recent property tax statement indicating ownership or purchase by the student or the immediate family;
  3. A current Oregon voter precinct card;
  4. A copy of an Oregon income tax statement filed during the latest reporting year, or payroll records from an Oregon firm indicating 90 continuous days of residency in Oregon;
  5. A copy of an Oregon high school transcript or GED scores earned in the state of Oregon;
  6. A copy of a current Oregon driver’s license.