Degree Audit

Degree Audit will provide you with the requirements for a specific degree and will show you which requirements you have already completed and which requirements you still need. If you have credits from another institution that you wish to apply to a BMCC degree, you will need to provide BMCC with an official transcript from that institution and complete an Academic Transcript Evaluation Request. Allow 4 weeks for those credits to be put into the degree audit system.

When the Degree Audit program comes up, it will ask for your Username. This is your Student ID number that has been assigned by BMCC. It will also ask for your password. The first time you go into the program, the password is bmcc. You will then be required to enter a new password. Remember this password as it will be required whenever you wish to run an audit.

In order to see an audit that has been completed for you, scroll down to Restore an Audit, choose the audit you wish to see, then click on Restore Audit

Link to the Degree Audit Program:

For additional information, please send an email to Questions About Degree Audit