Online Education Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What follows is a list of questions people who take Online or Connected Classes often have. If you don't find your question answered here please email the Distance Education office. If your question is about your class, please email your instructor. Instructor email address is listed on the Class Schedule.

  • I registered for an e-Learning course, what should I do next?

    Most, but not all, online courses are offered through Canvas. Your professor will tell you if they are not using Canvas. The Canvas login is listed in the username (full Blue Mountain email address) and password (student ID with a B) boxes on the Canvas login page. On the screen that appears next, the dashboard, you'll see your courses. If you don't see them, click on the Courses button in the green bar on the left. There you'll see a link to All Courses. Click on that link and you should see your class in that list.

    If you have any questions you may email the instructor. Remember that classes don't start until the first day of the quarter. All BMCC Canvas classes will open after 8:00 AM on the first day of the quarter.

  • I'm registered for a class and it isn't showing on my Dashboard.

    Click on the Courses button in the blue toolbar on the left and then the All Courses link on the page that opens. You should see your class there. Click on the star in front of your class to turn it gold and the class will appear on your Dashboard. Clicking on it again to make it blank will remove the course from your Dashboard.

  • I'm registered for a connected (Zoom) course. How do these work?

    Connected Courses at BMCC use video conferencing technology such as Zoom to connect one or more students who are located at a distance from their instructor with a live educational experience. Students may join from any location, including classrooms at BMCC Centers or from their personal computers at home.   You will need to login to your Canvas course to on the first day of the term to get instructions to access the meeting if joining the class from home.

  • I cannot log in to Canvas.

    The most common mistake is using an incorrect login ID or password. Your Canvas username is your full BMCC email address. For example, if your BMCC email address is, your Canvas username would be If you don't know your BMCC email address you can find it on your class schedule. Your Canvas password is the same as your student ID without the hyphens and a B on the end. So if your student ID is 1234567 then your Canvas password would be 1234567B.

    If you still are having login problems, call the Distance Education office at 541-278-5763 or 541-278-5827.

  • Are there any special settings for my browser?

    Please visit the Canvas Technical page for more information on supported browsers and settings.

  • My class requires online test proctoring, what does this mean?

    Some online courses do require students to take exams at a BMCC testing center or approved testing location outside the BMCC area.  Your instructor will indicate this requirement via the course syllabus, a Canvas announcement or announcement.  Not all courses may require proctored exams.  Here is a link to the BMCC proctor request form for students that will need to request an outside proctor.

  • What if I use a Mac?

    Canvas will work on your Mac and in Safari.

  • What if I use a mobile device?

    We recommend opening Canvas in a browser.  You can get the Canvas app at the Apple or Google play store.  You will need to search for the Blueccenter to find the BMCC Canvas APP.  Your login to the app is the same as logging into Canvas through a browser.

  • Is Canvas safe to use with a wireless Internet connection?

    Wireless Internet connections are unstable by nature. You can use a wireless connection to read anything in your course but we strongly recommend not using wireless to take tests or quizzes. Always use a wired connection for these.

  • How much time can I expect to spend on an e-Learning course?

Instructors and students alike say that online courses take as much or more time than regular on-campus classes. For a five credit class, students should expect to spend 10 to 15 hours (and sometimes more) each week on activities related to the course. Lab classes generally require an additional 5-10 hours per week.