eBooks at the Library

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newebooksYour BMCC Library is proud to roll out its newest service to help you with your research: searchable, full-text, downloadable eBooks.

The eBook Academic Collection from EbscoHost allows you to search through more than 100,000 books online to support your assignments.


Accessing eBooks is easy. Point your browser to the BMCC Library webpage, then click the Academic eBooks link. (You can also find links on our Find Books and Find Articles pages.) 

  • EbscoHostBegin searching for relevant eBooks by searching using keywords, similar to a Google search.
  • You can view more information (including the most relevant pages, which matches your search terms to the text) by clicking on a book's title.
  • Click the <> link on the left to read the book online. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)
  • Click the FullBookText link to download a PDF version of the book for faster or offline reading.
    • You will need to set up a MyEbsco account -- the program will walk you through the process.
    • You will also need specific apps for viewing the downloaded eBook. Click here for specific instructions for your device. (PC, phone, tablet, etc.)

    There are many great features to make your research quicker and easier. Here are just a few:

    • searchwithinSearch within: Find specific terms or phrases in the book, even after your first search.
    • printPrint and emailemail: You can print and/or email up to 60 pages from most eBooks.
    • permalinkPermalink: Create a link for quick access to your eBook online. BONUS: Permalinks can be set to take you to specific chapters or subsections of an eBook.
    • citeCite: Get the correct citation for your bibliography or works cited page by clicking this icon

    . . . and much more! Click here to explore our eBooks collection now.

    Let us know what you think by sending us an email: onlinelibrary@bluecc.edu