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About the Program

Welding is a skill used by many professions: sheet metal workers, iron-workers, diesel mechanics, manufacturing, carpenters, marine construction, industrial, glaziers, repair, and maintenance personnel in applications starting from art sculpting to heavy construction, ships and many other projects. A variety of welding processes are used to join units of metal. As a welder, you may work for shipyards, manufacturers, contractors, federal, state, county, and city governments, firms requiring maintenance mechanics, and repair shops.

Degrees & Certificates

Certificate of Completion

Class Requirements

Students attending welding classes would be required to bring with them the following:

  • 1 pair slip joint pliers
  • 1 pair safety glasses
  • 1 pair welding gloves

Students would also need to dress appropriately in order to be safe.  This would mean that students would need to wear close-toed shoes, long sleeves, and non-flammable pants without cuffs, such as blue jeans.

We will provide soap stone, welders, welding rod, strikers, welding goggles, welding hoods with appropriate shade lenses and other supplies needed to complete the welds.