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Veterinary Technology Preparation

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About the Program

Do you enjoy working with animals and people in a challenging career?  Consider following your passions by enrolling with Veterinary Technology.  Begin your studies by completing 26-27 credits with Blue Mountain Community College, then apply for admission to Colby Community College’s Distance Learning Veterinary Technology Program, which can be completed entirely online. 

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Start your studies at Blue Mountain Community College by successfully completing the prerequisite courses:

Required prerequisite courses and equivalencies:

Blue Mountain Community College

Colby Community College

ANS121 Animal Science I (3 credits)

AG 149 Animal Science (3 credits)

BI101 Gen Biology (4 credits)

BIO 1090 Concepts in Biology (4 credits)

BT251 Medical Terminology (3 credits)

BHS 1390 Medical Terminology (2 credits)

CH104 Intro to Chemistry (5 credits) orCH110 Chemistry Foundations (5 credits)

CHM 1110 Introductory General Chemistry (4 credits)

COM111 Public Speaking (4 credits)

COM 2110 Public Speaking (3 credits)

WR121 English Comp (4 credits)

COM 1110 English Composition (3 credits)


Students must also complete one of the following to fulfill the social/behavioral science elective requirement:

Blue Mountain Community College

Colby Community College

PSY 201 General Psychology (4 credits)

PSY 1010 General Psychology (3 credits)

EC 202 Macro Economics (4 credits)

ECN 1410 Macro Economics (3 credits)

EC 201 Micro Economics (4 credits)

ECN 1430 Micro Economics (3 credits)

AGR 280 Co-op Work Exp (3 credits) Vet Assistant

Fulfills the prerequisite of observation work



Additionally, VT116 Orientation to Veterinary Technology (1 credit hour) must be completed online through Colby Community College.

*All prerequisite coursework must be successfully completed with a grade of “C” or better in each course for the Colby Community College Distance Learning Veterinary Technology Program.

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Step 1: Apply to enroll at Blue Mountain Community College. Click Apply Now.

Step 2: Contact the program advisor, Ms. Danielle Wallace, to create your plan of study and register for courses.