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When employers connect with students while in college, both the employer and the student benefit. The Business Technologies faculty want to increase those connections. Here are a few of the opportunities in which employers may want to participate:

  • Cooperative Work Experience: Students practice the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom while working for employers. Students earn college credit (1 credit for 33 hours with an employer), and in turn, employers have qualified, temporary workers.
  • Informational Interviews: Students will meet with people who hire or work in positions related to their career goals. The student will come prepared with questions that will help him or her better understand hiring and skill-level requirements for entry-level positions. 
  • Internships: Give qualified, potential employees valuable experience by working within your organization. While internships are not a formal part of our programs, these opportunities are excellent for building relationships and helping students gain workplace skills.
  • Guest Speaker: The department’s Business Club will host guest speakers approximately 6 times per year for the general student population. Instructors may request guest speakers to attend specific courses. Topics will be related to business or leadership.
  • Employer Panel Participant: The Business Club will host panel discussions related to business and leadership. Topics may include hiring, workplace expectations, using social media to promote your business, marketing, and ethics in the workplace.
  • Site Visitations: Site visitations allow students to better understand the workplace and working environments. If your business has the ability to offer tours of your organization, those could be scheduled.
  • Service Learning: Service learning integrates classroom instruction with community service and reflection. Students who engage in service-learning activities have reported a deeper level of understanding and civic responsibility.
  • Professional Office Production: Students will work with instructors to produce professional documents, thus giving students office work experience while at the same time benefiting area employers. Production will be limited to the number of students involved and the complexity of the projects.

If you are interested in any of these activities, please contact Velda Arnaud.

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