Business and Leadership Cooperative Work Experience

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What is CWE?

Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) allows students to practice the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom before completing their degrees and entering the workforce. CWE gives students valuable on-the-job experience, and students earn college credit while working. Employers benefit by having access to qualified, temporary workers. CWE builds positive connections between the student, the employer, and the college.

How Does CWE Work?

BMCC’s Business Technologies CWE Coordinator works with local employers to identify needs and how our business students can help meet those needs.

The coordinator then identifies students taking the CWE course that best match the employer’s needs. The student then interviews with the employer’s designated contact person. If the student meets the requirements for the temporary position, the employers and student complete and sign the contract. The contract is then forwarded to the CWE coordinator. The experience may be paid or unpaid; however, employers are encouraged to pay the standard rate for the work duties.

The student’s work is then monitored by the site supervisor and the CWE coordinator. The student will submit monthly time sheets to the supervisor for approval and then to the coordinator. 


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  • Why should students value CWE?

  • Why should employers value CWE?

  • What are the requirements for students to participate in CWE?

  • What are the requirements for employers to participate in CWE?

  • How many hours must a student work?

  • How will a student find a CWE placement?

  • How will the student be evaluated?

  • What are the steps for students taking CWE?