Articulation Agreements

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BMCC's Business Administration has developed formal articulation agreements with Eastern Oregon University, Oregon State University, and Northwest Nazarene University.

Eastern Oregon University

Course equivalencies for the EOU Business Administration program:

Blue Mountain Community College
Required Skills Courses

Eastern Oregon University
Required Skills Courses

Title Credits        Course
 Title  Credits
College Algebra
Calculus for Management/SS
College Algebra
Survey Calculus
MTH243 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 4   STATS243 Elementary Statistics 4
WR121 English Composition 3   WR121 Expository Prose Writing 4

Lower Division
Business Program Requirements

Lower Division Core
Required Business Subjects

Title Credits    Course
 Title  Credits
BA101 Introduction to Business (Not required for transfer students) 4   BA101 Introduction to Business  4
BA131 or
Introduction to Business Computing   BA131 Business Data Processing 4
Principles of Accounting   BA211 Principles of Accounting 4
BA213 Principles of Accounting 4   BA213 Managerial Accounting 4
BA214 Business Communications   BA225 Business Communications 4
BA226 Business Law 4   BA254 Business Law 4
EC201 Principles of Microeconomics 4   ECON201 Microeconomics (SSC)
EC202 Principles of Macroeconomics   ECON202 Macroeconomics (SSC)
Total   36    Total   34 

BMCC Lower Division

EOU Upper Division Core

BA206 Principles of Management 4    Accepted for BA 321 Principles of Management content at the lower division level. Students must take BA 461, Organizational Behavior, at EOU, in place of BA321.
BA223 Principles of Marketing 4    Accepted for BA 312 Principles of Management content at the lower division level. Students must take BA 464, Organizational Behavior, at EOU, in place of BA312.


Oregon State University

Upper-division courses (300 and above) not offered. Be sure to check prerequisites when planning your coursework. Different prerequisites may be required at other schools. 

BMCC Course Number (credits)

OSU Course  Title 

OSU Course Number (credits)

BA101 (4) and BA110X (3) Business Now BA101 (6)
None Business Insight BA170 (2)
BA211 (4), BA212 (4), and BA213 (4)* Financial & Managerial Accounting BALDT(12); *(BA211/213)
BA226 (4) Legal Environment of Business BA233 (2)
None Professional Development BA253 (4)
None Introduction to Entrepreneurship BA260 (4)
None Introduction to Statistical Inference BA275 (4)
None Business Management Processes BA302 (4)
COM111 (4) Public Speaking/Argument & Critical Discourse COMM111 or COMM114 (3)
EC201 (4) Introduction to Micro Economics ECON201 (4)
EC202 (4) Introduction to Macro Economics
ECON202 (4)
MTH241 (4) Calculus Mgt/Social Science MTH241 (4)
WR122 (4) or WR227 (4) Choose one English Composition/Technical Writing WR222 or WR327 (3)


*Note 1: There are no direct equivalents in accounting. Don't split the sequence between BMCC and OSU. You must take BA211, BA212, and BA213 in order to receive credit for OSU's BA211 and BA213. If you complete only one or two of the courses, you will receive only elective credits.

**Note 2: Students admitted to OSU's College of Business with OSU catalog year 2016/17 or later will need to follow our new PreBusiness curriculum above. Some class requirements have changed from prior years. Talk with an advisor if you have questions.

Northwest Nazarene University

To fulfill a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or a double major in Accounting, the NNU Adult & Profession Program in Business requires that BMCC students take the following courses in fulfillment of an Associate of Arts degree:

  • BA101, Introduction to Business
  • BA131, Introduction to Business Computing
  • MTH243, Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • BA211, Principles of Accounting I
  • BA212, Principles of Accounting II
  • BA213, Principles of Accounting III (must take II and III to fulfill ACCT2070 at NNU)
  • BA214, Business Communication
  • BA226, Business Law
  • EC201, Principles of Economics: Microeconomics
  • EC202, Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics

Additionally, students are required to take the following General Education courses as part of their AAOT:

  • WR121, English Composition I
  • WR122, English Composition II (fulfills ENGL1035 at NNU)

Once the above AAOT degree and specified courses have been completed, BMCC students would receive junior standing at NNU with 62 semester credits. Students would then take 35 general education credits and 27 business course credits at NNU.