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Oregon's Career Pathways Statewide Initiative focuses on developing a plan of study for jobs that require more than a high school diploma or the equivalent but less than a four-year degree.  Career pathways are avenues of study that lead to jobs or advancement in a particular industry.  A certificate can be earned for each pathway that you complete.  Career Pathway Certificate (12-44 credits) bundle the coursework associated with competencies for entry-level jobs and job advancement in a specific occupation or industry, and are stackable credentials as part of an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Earn your certificate by exploring the pathway right for you:

Career Pathways Roadmaps visually chart the skills, certificates, and degrees that lead to entry-level job or career advancement occupation and wage information.

Roadmaps organized by the six Career Pathways

 agriculture  Art, Information, and Communication






 Business and Management  Health Services


 Industrial & Engineering Systems  Social Services and Ed


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The National Career Readiness Certificates (NCRC) is a valuable, portable certificate that verifies three basic skills: Applied Mathematics, Information & Locating Information, and Reading.  The NCRC is used by thousands of employers, employees and job applicants as a consistent measure of key workplace skills.  It helps job applicants stand out from the crowd, and assures employers that applicants have the skills needed to be successful.

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