Academic Dishonesty/Cheating

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Grade Tampering involves cheating, altering, or being an accessory to the changing and/or altering of a grade in a grade book, on a test, on an assignment, on a change of grade form, or on any other official academic record. Influencing or attempting to influence any college official, instructor, or employee responsible for processing grades, evaluating students, or maintaining academic records through the use of bribery, threats, or any other means of coercion is forbidden.

Academic Honesty Violation Information
Facilitating Academic Dishonesty A student who knowingly helps or attempts to help another individual violate the college’s policy on academic honesty also violates the Standards of Student Conduct.  

Penalties Students who engage in academic dishonesty can expect some academic penalty to be determined by the instructor. Additionally, academic dishonesty may result in a disciplinary action and/or penalties. The disciplinary consequences of engaging in any form of academic dishonesty vary. However, the consequences often include warning, probation, suspension, and expulsion. For more information, see the Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct.

Academic Dishonesty Reporting Form