Board of Education Policies


The Board of Education of the Blue Mountain Community College District (the Board) adopts policies to clarify the official College position on a variety of issues and to supplement existing state and federal laws governing community college districts and community colleges. Board policies follow the Policy Governance® Model developed by John Carver and are based on the policy categories of Ends, Governance Process, Board-Staff Relationship, and Executive Limitations as defined in Policy II.C, Board Job Description. Appendix B discusses the underlying philosophy of the Policy Governance® Model.

The Board delegates to the President the function of implementing policy.  Administrative procedures, as implemented under the President’s jurisdiction, shall be consistent with the policies adopted by the Board.  The Board of Education derives its authority from Chapter 341 of the Oregon Revised Statutes (Appendix A). The Board is subject to the provisions of the Constitution of the State of Oregon, Chapter 341 of the Oregon Revised Statutes, the Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Education, its own policies, and the expressed will of the electorate. 

Adopted 05/19/99
Revised  04/21/04; 06/06/07