College Planning Council (CPC)

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College Planning Council (CPC) is a College-wide organization with representatives from all of the major campus constituencies shall provide a participatory governance forum for collaborative decision-making to effectively guide the institution with a focus on the Strategic Plan, Accreditation, College evaluation and improvement efforts, and Mission fulfillment that is shared College-wide through its membership.

CPC Review of College Mission and Vision Statement: Beginning in fall 2020, and every three years thereafter, the CPC shall conduct a review of the Mission and Vision statements to determine if revision is necessary. If revision is necessary, the process shall be inclusive of all stakeholders, including participation of the appropriate committees, and shall include College-wide meetings such as Pre-Service and In-Service activities.

Authority: The CPC is advisory to the President.

Meetings: Meetings are held twice each month at a standard time established at the beginning of each academic year. Special meetings will be called when needed. All meetings are open to the general College community.

Agenda: A preliminary agenda will be developed at the end of each CPC meeting. Any member may ask that items related to the business of the CPC be placed on the agenda. The President's Office distributes the agenda to Council members and the College community in advance of the meeting. Items considered by the Council will include written background information made available in advance, whenever possible.

Minutes: The President sees that minutes of all meetings are recorded, electronically distributed to Council members, and made available to all members of the College community.

Communication between the CPC and Other Planning Bodies of the College: The intent is to have as much transparency as possible. In the spirit of this intent, sharing of agendas and a summary of relevant planning topics from CPC and other bodies will be shared in advance or presented regularly to the CPC. Affected groups/committees include: Executive Leadership Team, Curriculum, Integrated Resources, Accreditation Steering, Student First Advisory, Diversity/Equity and Inclusion, Information Technology, Facilities Planning, Safety and Faculty Senate (when/if created, otherwise, the BMCC Faculty Association), and Classified Association.

Operating Procedures: Decisions are made by general consent after each member has had an opportunity to provide input. If consensus is not possible, a vote is taken according to Robert's Rules of Order. A quorum requires a simple majority or more of the voting CPC members. If a Council member must miss a meeting, he/she may designate, from his/her constituent group, a stand-in who has voting power. The Chair must be notified in advance of the absence and be provided with the name of the stand-in. Members of the audience are allowed to address an agenda item at the time it is discussed by the CPC.

The College Planning Council advises and makes recommendations to the President on College matters that are consistent with the college Mission requiring broad institutional input in service to our students, the College, and community. CPC is the shared governance body responsible for overseeing and evaluating the following plans:



College Strategic Plan

Educational Master Plan


Master Plans


Enrollment Management Master Plan


Communication Master Plan

Identifies short-term ( three-year) goals and strategies to support Students First

Focuses on long-term educational goals and objectives

Focuses on facilities and technology needs for the College

Focuses on the Enrollment and Retention goals and objectives of the College

Focuses on the long-term goals of Marketing and Community Image of the College




Meeting Dates:

Second and Fourth Wednesday of each month during the academic year, 3:00 – 4:30 pm, Boardroom

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Chair (President)                                                                                              Dennis Bailey-Fougnier

Recorder (Executive Assistant)                                                                   Shannon Franklin

Vice President, Instruction                                                                           John Fields

Vice President, Administrative Services                                                 David Shellberg

Vice President, Student Affairs                                                                   Bruce Clemetsen

Vice President, College Relations & Advancement                             Casey White-Zollman

Classified Association President or Designee                                        Anita Willingham

Faculty Senate President or Designee (Assn. Pres)                             Bob Hillenbrand

ASG President or Designee                                                                          Emily Griffin

AVP Finance & Business Operations                                                         Celeste Tate

AVP Information Technology                                                                      Brad Holden

Chair, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Committee                                       Nayeli Contreras

Institutional Researcher or Designee                                                       vacant

 The following members are two-year appointments:

Faculty Member – AAOT                                                                               Ki Russell                            

Faculty Member – CTE                                                                                   AnnMarie Hardin

Faculty Member – At Large                                                                          Brilynn Reed

Instructional Administrator/Manager (Exempt)                                  Wade Muller

Student Services Administrator/Manager (Exempt)                          Theresa Bosworth

Administrative Services Administrator/Manager (Exempt)             Norma Jaime

College Relations/Advancement Administrator (Exempt)               Anne Livingston

Center Director                                                                                                 Jacelyn Keys

Classified Staff Member selected by Classified Assn.                       Adam Sims

Student – appointed by ASG (one-year appointment)                     Siobhan Holman