Student Employment Supervisor Orientation

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To all Student Employment Supervisors and Support Staff:

Student positions are published positions on the web.  Please review your department information.  If changes are necessary, contact Yadira Gonzalez in Financial Aid. 

Students will be contacting you for employment.  Once you hire them;

  1. Complete the Student Employment Agreement,
  2. have the student complete the Federal W-4, Oregon W-4, and I-9
  3. Have the student view the FERPA power point presentation and sign the FERPA Agreement.
  4. Send paperwork to Financial Aid and they will determine the funding source.  At this point you do not need to be concerned with whether the student has financial aid eligibility or not.

The easiest way for students to find the student employment page is as follows:

  2. Click Employment at the top right of the home page
  3. Filter positions by "student"

Students may begin work only after having been notified by the Student Financial Assistance Office that they are clear to start.