Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact the Grants Manager for support at any time in the grants development or management process. They are available to streamline the process, and offer support, advice and resources at each step. Collaboration with the Grants Manager is required to complete the Intent to Submit a Grant form, and for managing an awarded grant.

Email: •  Phone: 541-278-5838


I want to apply for grant funding, where do I start?

Whether you have a funder in mind or not, contact the Grants Manager to discuss your project and available funding. A Grant Proposal Packet is required to describe your project and it’s alignment with BMCC goals. Schedule a meeting with the Grants Manager to discuss your project and fill out the packet.


My request is for a small amount. Do I have to follow the Grants Development procedure?

Yes, but the Grants manager is available to help! All grant proposals, no matter the amount requested, must be approved by the college through the grants development procedure. This ensures that all funds are tracked, improving the college’s relationship with funders.


How much time will it take me to develop a grant proposal?

As a general rule, Project Leads should allow at least 6 weeks before a grant submission date to receive institutional approval and complete an application. The Grant Proposal Packet outlines the information you will most likely need to gather for a grant proposal, although the requirements vary and may include additional information such as data, renderings, bids, etc. Review the funder’s grant guidelines carefully to ensure that you have time and resources to complete an application. 


I received an email with the subject line “You have been invited to join Fluxx Grantseeker”…

This is an invitation from BMCC’s grants management software- please activate an account and join. Once you have, the Grants Manager can make requests for information and inform you about your grant directly through this portal.


Do I need to fill out new procedural forms when applying for renewal of a grant or re-applying for continued funding for the same project?

An updated Intent to Submit a Grant form and budget will be required in this situation. If no other project components have changed, you may attach the original Grant Proposal Packet and make note that this is a grant renewal.


Do I submit my grant proposal myself?

The Grants Manager will submit grant proposals online under a central BMCC account. This cuts down on the total amount of online accounts, improving grant tracking and funder relationships. Since each funder uses different methods to distribute applications, Project Leads may not have access to a grant application without an online account. In this case, DO NOT CREATE AN ONLINE ACCOUNT. Instead, the Grants Manager will provide the application questions in a Word document.


Why is it mandatory to include Indirect Costs in my budget?

Indirect Costs are real costs that are not easily charged to specific projects. When the college does not recover indirect costs from a grantor, it must cover those costs from other institutional funds. Examples of indirect costs include:

  • Expenses incurred by the institution for joint or centralized activities such as building and equipment use, operation, and depreciation
  • Operation and maintenance costs
  • Central and departmental administrative costs, including monitoring and reporting of grant expenditures
  • Sponsored-project administrative costs not directly charged to the grant
  • Library expenses
  • Student services and administration

BMCC grant budgets are expected to include a line for indirect costs. Contact the Business Office for the college’s current federally negotiated indirect cost rate. All grant proposal budgets must use this rate or the maximum allowable rate specified in the grant guidelines, whichever is higher, unless the grant guidelines specifically restrict or prohibit the payment of indirect costs. Such indication must be published in grant guidelines or by written documentation provided via email or other electronic means received from the funding source.

When a granting agency caps the grant’s indirect cost rate below BMCC’s approved federal rate, the proposal budget may claim the difference between the requested amount and the approved rate as matching funds (BMCC’s contribution).


What is an Authorized Signatory?

BMCC President, the Vice President of Administrative Services, and the Associate Vice President of Finance & Business Operations are BMCC’s Authorized Signatories and the only BMCC representatives authorized to enter the college into legally binding agreements, including grants and contracts. One of these three must sign off on any grant agreement.