Energy Management Team

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BMCC is committed to continually improving its energy performance and reducing its energy footprint. The College strives to improve energy management within its operations and work towards energy-efficient best practices where cost effective. Incentives received from Energy Trust of Oregon will be used to further BMCC’s efforts toward a more energy efficient campus. 


This policy will encompass the entire BMCC campus and all of the BMCC satellite locations.  This policy is a guideline for all BMCC employees, to always be mindful of energy efficiency and consumption.

Goals and Energy Performance Metrics

BMCC’s baseline year of performance is 2017.

Energy consumption is measured in KWH for electricity and in THERMS for natural gas.

BMCC’s goal is to reduce energy consumption campus wide by 5 percent over a five-year period, (2023). 

BMCC partnered with Energy Trust of Oregon and started the SEM (Strategic Energy Management) program in January 2018



Meeting Dates:

The Energy  Committee meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at 9:00 am in the Boardroom.

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  • Dwayne Williams
  • Anne Morter
  • David Shellberg
  • Jacelyn Keys
  • Lauryn Journot
  • Susan Kralman
  • Susan Thomas
  • Shannon Franklin 
  • Joe Secl