Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee

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Shared Governance Principles

The governance system embodies and facilitates BMCC’s vision, mission, and core values, and relies on the collective wisdom of faculty, staff, students, and administration in the development of college-wide plans and policies. The system is characterized by open communication, collegiality, and transparency, resulting in collaborative and well-informed decision-making.


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee develops, reviews, and evaluates plans which create a more inclusive environment in order to celebrate and promote understanding and respect of diverse people; facilitates campus-wide dialogue regarding issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion; and provides direction for compliance with Oregon HB 2864 and HECC Equity Lens.

HB 2864—Oregon defines Cultural Competency as “an understanding of how institutions and individuals can respond respectfully and effectively to people from all cultures, economic statuses, language backgrounds, races, ethnic backgrounds, disabilities, religions, genders, gender identifications, sexual orientations, veteran statuses, and other characteristics in a manner that recognizes, affirms and values the worth, and preserves the dignity, of individuals, families and communities.”

Scope of Work and Areas of Key Decision-Making

  1. Shared definitions. Facilitate adoption and understanding of campus-wide shared definitions of diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural competence.

  2. Programs. Coordinate the assessment of needs and opportunities for DEI and culturally competent campus programs. Facilitate the development and evaluation of plans for DEI/cultural competency programs.

  3. Curriculum. Coordinate the assessment of needs and opportunities for DEI and cultural competency components of academic programs and classroom experiences. Facilitate the development and evaluation of plans for DEI/cultural competency components of academic programs and classroom experiences.

  4. Human resources. Develop and evaluate a plan for the recruitment and retention of under-represented students, faculty, and staff.

  5. Celebration. Develop and evaluate a plan for recognizing actions of students, faculty, and staff that promote and exemplify the principles of DEI and cultural competency.


The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee membership will include a minimum of two faculty representatives, two classified representatives, two Exempt Tech representatives, two student representatives, a member of the Human Resources staff who will be a non-voting member, any additional members are welcome and encouraged to participate and are non-voting. Chair will be determined by consensus of the Committee and may only vote in the event of an impasse. A volunteer committee member will be the Recorder.

Service on the Committee

  • Faculty, classified, and exempt tech representatives serve through active participation for a minimum of two years; students serve for one-year, and may serve longer if available.
  • The chair serves a two-year term and may be re-elected.
  • If an appointed Committee member is unable to participate for an extended time, the Committee will invite another member of the representative group to stand in for them for the duration of the absence.

Meeting Dates:

 The 3rd Friday of each month at 10:00 am in the Boardroom

Meeting Minutes

10/27/17 Minutes
11/17/17 Minutes

Current Agenda:

11/17/17 Agenda



Roman Olivera

Upcoming Chair

Nayeli Contreras


Alison Timmons


Carol Johnson



Deyanira Morales

Ki Russell

Center/ Exempt Tech

Outreach and Leadership/Exempt Tech

Exempt Tech

Jacelyn Keys

Abby Pierson

Yadira Gonzalez

Classified Staff Representative

Classified Staff Representative

Gabriela Gonzalez

Blanca Delgado

Native American Liaison

Annie Smith

Administration Representative

Administration Representative

Student Success

Student Success

Bruce Clemetsen

Daniel Anderson

Roman Olivera

Nayeli Ruiz


Student Representative

Carol Johnson

Emily Griffin


Term of appointment will be one year in length.