College Coordinating Council (CCC)

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Please Note: This committee is no longer active.



The purpose of the College Coordinating Council is to serve as a college-wide organization with representatives from all the major campus constituencies and committees. The primary purpose is to be a forum that facilitates dialogue on college-wide issues. The Council will oversee the strategic framework, support accreditation and be active in all college evaluation and improvement efforts. The CCC is to advise the President on issues that affect the entire college. The CCC meetings are open to all and at times the President will extend the CCC time for all-campus conversations.


  • Provide input, guidance and advice on the College’s strategicplan
  • Recommend the framework/plans to the College Board
  • Understand the college data, its implications and suggest changes to improve student persistence and completion
  • Review, monitor and offer advice on the Achievement Compact
  • Oversee the College Accreditation process and provide on-going monitoring, implementation, and continuous improvement of the self-evaluation process
  • Review and discuss college-wide recommendations from the college’s standing committees

Meeting Dates:

The meeting dates are the third Wednesday of each month from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm in the Boardroom on the Pendleton Campus.


CCC Minutes 05 15 19
CCC Minutes 04 17 19
CCC Minutes 03 20 19
CCC Minutes 02 20 19
CCC Minutes 01 16 19
CCC Minutes 11 28 18
CCC Retreat Minutes 11 05 18

CCC Minutes 05 16 18
CCC Minutes 04 18 18
CCC Minutes 03 21 18
CCC Minutes 02 21 18
CCC Minutes 01 17 18
CCC Minutes 11 15 17
CCC Minutes 10 18 17
CCC Retreat Minutes 07 26 17

CCC Minutes 06 06 17 
CCC Minutes 05 03 17
CCC Minutes 04 04 17
CCC Minutes 03 07 17
CCC Minutes 02 07 17
CCC Minutes 12 06 16
CCC Minutes 11 15 16 
CCC Minutes 10 04 16


CCC Minutes 05 17 16
CCC Minutes 04 19 16 
CCC Minutes 03 15 16
CCC Minutes 02 16 16
CCC Minutes 01 19 16
CCC Minutes 11 17 15





  1. College Coordinating Council officers will be the chair and chair-elect. The recorder will be a designated staff person. These officers will be elected annually, with the chair-elect becoming chair the year following his/her tenure as chair-elect. Officers will be elected from the council members serving as committee, group representatives, and ex-officio non-voting members. Officers of the College Coordinating Council will not serve consecutive terms. Representatives and their alternates on the College Coordinating Council will have voting rights. Terms of council members will be three-year terms. In October of 2007, members will have varying terms determined by drawing lots to provide continuity.
  2. The College Coordinating Council will meet once each month, however Council meetings may be called every two weeks, if necessary. Minutes of the College Coordinating Council will be written by the recorder and published on the BMCC website Governance Process Committee page following each meeting. 
  3. Special meetings can be called at the discretion of the Council Chair and the President of the College.
  4. A quorum of the College Coordinating Council will consist of half of CCC voting membership plus one. A majority vote by the College Coordinating Council is half of voting members present plus one. Alternate representatives attending the meeting will have complete voting rights. 



Jacelyn Keys 


Shannon Franklin

Faculty – AAOT

Margaret Mayer

Faculty – CTE

Melinda Platt

Faculty – At Large

Sascha McKeon

Faculty – Centers

Faculty – Adult Basic Skills

Information Technology

Branden Wineland


Library Director

Student Affairs

Adam Sims

Joey GrosJacques

Institutional Effectiveness

Tim Wilson

Center Director

Jacelyn Keys

Office of Instruction

Wade Muller (Chair-elect)

Business Operations

Celeste Tate

Financial Aid

Angela Rios

Student Representative

Yessenia Rodriguez

Student Representative

Jose Romero

Ex-Officio Members:


Interim President

Connie Green

COD Grant County

Ashley Armichardy

VP Student Affairs

Diane Drebin

VP Instruction

John Fields

VP Public Relations

Casey White-Zollman

VP Administrative Services

Tammie Parker

Baker Center

Dan Koopman

Director Athletics, Student Outreach, and Student Life

Dawn DiFuria McClendon

TRiO Project Director

Roman Olivera