Arts & Culture Committee

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Our purpose is to bring thought-provoking and relevant presenters and performers to BMCC for the students, employees, and community members to enjoy. The events include musical, cultural, artistic, and performance art, and endeavors to strengthen both the college and community through access to these events. 

Mission Statement:

The committee is dedicated to bringing programs to Pendleton and Hermiston (and other centers, where possible,) over the three main academic quarters.

Core values:

Arts and cultural activities are an important aspect of college life. It broadens minds, lifts spirits, and enriches students’ lives. Introduction to new experiences helps increase understanding and respect for one another. Accessible and relevant programs expose students, employees and community members to new and enriching experiences.

Meeting College Strategic Goals:

As part of emphasizing "Students First", the Arts and Culture Series provides them with the opportunity to observe and interact with scholars and artists.

By bringing in outside voices to discuss current issues facing our students, ACS provides yet another manner of keeping curriculum relevant and dynamic.

Meeting Dates:  

Various Fridays 11:00 am


Meeting Minutes

Current Agenda:



Alison Timmons - Chair

Sheri Jordan - Recorder

Annie Smith

Deyanira Morales

Gary Parker

Jacelyn Keys

John Fields

Ki Russell

Lori Sams

Margaret Gianotti

Margaret Mayer

Shaindel Beers

Student Representatives:

Emily Griffin

Dan Doherty

Siobhan Holman

Paola Sanchez