What Can You Do To Help Students and BMCC?

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YOU (and your department chair) have more power than anyone to determine the cost of course materials for your students because YOU decide what the materials are.

What Can You Do?

  • Negotiate with the publisher on the price of your book. Yes, you can do that!
  • Be aware of the expense to the student.
  • If a textbook is required, use it! Partial use presents the idea of reduced value.
  • Consider buyback implications.
  • Understand the impact of utilizing additional bundled materials.
  • Allow use of older editions in conjunction with current ones.
  • Provide adoption information well in advance.
  • Communicate with the Bookstore.
  • Consider alternative course materials such as open source resources.
  • Understand the perceived value of course materials to the student

Remember: Direct Your Students to the Bookstore!

  • Even if a student intends to buy elsewhere, the BMCC Bookstore (per the HEOA Act) provides the most accurate and up to date ISBN information.
  • The Bookstore’s price comparison tool will show the student if the book is available at Amazon, as a rental, on Campus Marketplace, e-book or in other formats.
  • If a student chooses to purchase their book from Amazon, the link within the Bookstore website will bring the student to the correct listing on Amazon.

The Least You Need To Know

  • You have the biggest impact on the price of course materials.
  • Communicate with the Bookstore so the most informed buying decisions can be made.
  • Direct students to the Bookstore: Correct information, HEOA compliance, different options, comparison shopping, supports the institution.
  • Weigh the value of course materials vs. the cost to students.
  • Be a student advocate. Remember, publishers are selling to you! Are those added resources worth the added expense to students?
  • Communicate with your department heads and the Office of Instruction