What is buyback and why do it?

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The Buyback Truth is a great video for helping to understand what buyback is and how it works.

DEFINITION: Buyback is the process of purchasing textbooks from students in the general public.

What it is:

  • Bookstore Buyback (buyback week) is when the Bookstore has funds on hand to purchase books from students that it can resell to students.
  • Wholesale buyback can be done during buyback week in the Bookstore or online with online buyback. The book is being purchased by a wholesale book company not the Bookstore
  • The Bookstore will not buy books it can’t resell.
  • Is a service to students to enable them a simple and easy option for selling their unwanted books

What it isn't:

  • Buyback is not a return.
  • Buyback is not a guarantee.
  • Exclusive to BMCC students. If the BMCC Bookstore or a wholesaler is in need of the book, we will buy it regardless of the institution it was used at.

Why buy back books?

  • Students get money for books they don’t want anymore.
  • More used books are available to students purchasing books.
  • Bookstores save money by not having to pay higher prices to wholesalers or purchase more new textbooks.
  • Bookstores save money by not having to pay for shipping or the labor to process additional book orders
  • Buying books for the Bookstore is a win-win for students and the Bookstore
    • Students: Get more money for their books
    • Bookstores: Get books for cheaper than wholesalers

Retail vs. Wholesale Buyback

  • Retail buyback = Buying books from students for reuse in the Bookstore
  • Wholesale Buyback = A wholesale company we have partnered with is buying your book