How do is sell back my book?

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In Store

  1. Find out when the in store buyback is.
  2. Come to the BMCC Pendleton location – The Bookstore only does buyback during buyback week at the main Pendleton location.
  3. Bring a photo ID and your books  – the ID is need so we have a uniquely identifiable number to identify your transaction later if necessary
  4. No receipt is necessary.


  1. Go to BMCC Bookstore website.
  2. Click the Online Buyback icon.  This will automatically connect you to our wholesale company’s online portal.
  3. Enter the ISBN for each book in the box to the right and select search.
  4. If you choose to sell any of your books to the wholesaler, make sure they are selected and click Next.
  5. Review your transaction and click next.
  6. Enter your information and choose how you would like to be paid and click Next.
  7. Follow directions to print a pre-paid shipping label and packing list
  8. Package your books.
  9. Send your books.

Upon receipt, the wholesale company will verify that the books are what were indicated and of acceptable condition.   Once this is complete, your payment will be issued per your requested method.  Checks will be received by you in about three weeks.

NOTE ON BUYBACK: A receipt is not required.   Buyback is not a return.   You are bringing your book that you own to the Bookstore or Wholesaler and being told what we will pay for it.