Why Direct Students to the Bookstore?

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Why shouldn’t I send my students to online sources so they can save money?

One of the best ways for a student to save money is to buy a used book from our store and then sell that book back at the end of the term. The savings are substantial— up to 50% off the price of a text bought new and not sold back.  This saves money for both the student and the Bookstore.

We are aware that some instructors advise students to buy from online bookstores.  While this may save students some money, buying from these sites may also lead to unintended consequences.   Students usually end up buying from numerous individual suppliers who contract with an online store to sell their books.  Consequently, service and order fulfillment time can be inconsistent, unpredictable, and inaccurate.  Refunds and exchanges can also be problematic.

When business is directed away from our store, it makes it harder for us to afford to pay our overhead costs and meet our obligation to secure all the course materials adopted by faculty.  We don’t focus just on the large adoptions and ignore the more time-consuming, more costly titles, as online retailers are able to do.  Our job is to acquire all required books, regardless of nature or origin, and we will do everything possible to have all of the materials the campus needs, in the right quantities, at the right time.

Also, we provide value to the campus in many additional ways—from paying a percentage of sales to the institution to employing people in the community (including students).

The bottom line for us, if you will, is that we need your adoptions on time so we can obtain the right books for the first day of classes, address problems in a timely fashion, pay students the best price for their used books, and provide the used books students expect and demand.  Together, we can make textbooks more affordable and accessible for your students.