Tips for Saving Money Buying Textbooks

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  1. Go to class first before opening any of your books.  Do NOT unpackage/remove shrink-wrap until you are sure you are taking the course.
  2. Do NOT lose your receipt.
  3. Understand the store’s return policy.
  4. Take care of your books.  Even if the book is eligible for buyback, it may not be purchased during buyback if the condition is too poor.
  5. Save any extra items that came with the book.  Sometimes they are required if the book is to be bought back.  Rarely, the items themselves have value at buyback.
  6. Consider used books or other formats when they are available.
  7. The best time to find used books is near the end of buyback week.    That is when we will have the largest stock of them available. 
  8. If you are using financial aid to buy your books, come in the first day Book Vouchers are available.