Rental Returns

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Rental Return Methods

In Store (Available for both in-store and online rentals):

  1. Bring your rental book to the BMCC Bookstore in Pendleton.
  2. Inform the staff at the counter that you would like to return your rental book.
  3. Bookstore staff will check in the book in your presence.
  4. You will receive a return confirmation via e-mail at the address you used to set up your rental account.

Direct to the Rental Company

  1. Log in to your rental account with the book rental company.
  2. Select your preferred return carrier (USPS, Fed Ex or UPS).
  3. Print a prepaid return label and packing slip.
  4. Pack your books & packing slip inside the box.
  5. Tape the shipping label to the outside.
  6. Bring your box to whichever carrier you chose.