In-Store Rentals

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Why Rent In Store? More expensive than online rental but get the book immediately.

  1. If the book is available for in store rental, the shelf tag will have additional information with rental pricing.
  2. Bring the book from the shelf to the front counter and tell the staff you would like to rent it.
  3. You will be asked some information which the staff need to complete your rental.
  4. Present a credit/debit card for payment.   A credit/debit card is the only form of payment accepted for In Store Rentals.

NOTE: You can scan the QR code on the shelf tag for books available for in store rental to compare to the online rental price.

Why can’t I rent a book with my book voucher?

Your credit/debit card is not only used to pay for the rental of the book.   It is also used as a method of payment should you fail to return you book rental.   We can’t be sure that an agency will pay for a rental book that is not returned.