Do I have to get my textbooks now?

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Yes, it is recommended that you do not wait to purchase your textbooks.


  • The longer you go without your course materials the harder it will be to be successful in your class.
  • The longer you wait, the less likely used books or alternate formats will be available.
  • Many textbooks are kept in stock only until the middle of the semester, except those that we know faculty will be using later in the semester. Although we can order any materials you may need, it's best to complete your purchases before the books leave the store. If we are out of a book at any time and you would like us to order one for you, please fill out an Out of Stock form at the Bookstore front counter. 

REMEMBER: If you wait too long to buy your books, you may find that less expensive options are no longer available or worse, that the book is no longer available in any format.