Book Vouchers - What if an organization is paying for my books?

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What is a book voucher?

A book voucher can be thought of as a check or debit card with an agency or organization paying for your materials as the bank.   Your course materials will be charged to an account which is then paid by that organization. 

Why am I limited in the supplies I can purchase?

Not everyone receives the same kind of aid and from the same source.   Some individuals have tighter restrictions than others.   To understand the rules pertaining to financial aid and access information about student financial aid accounts requires a level of training and knowledge which cannot be expected of the predominantly student staff in the Bookstore.   It was necessary create a single list that would be suitable for all.   Additionally, it was important to limit certain items from being purchased.   The purpose of college financial aid is to pay for course materials or supplies necessary to attend school.   What it was not intended for was purchasing things like lattes, candy bars and sweatshirts.   Therefore, items such as these are not listed on book vouchers.  Other supplies not on the list may be charged if the agency has agreed in advance to cover these expenses.