Why Aren’t Students Buying The Book I Adopted?

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Why aren’t students buying the book I adopted?

You may have noticed that it seems like students are opting more often than not to forego purchasing a book altogether.  There are several reasons this may be happening:

  1. PRICE – Books are getting very expensive.  Some are as much as $240 each, often  with little or no buyback value (due to codes and yearly edition changes).
  2. PERCEIVED VALUE – Students are more likely to pay more for a book the more they feel they are getting out of the book.
    1. Students communicate and they hear which classes you can get by with without a book.
    2. Students have their own experiences with books that are hardly used which affect their future buying decisions.
  3. SHARING - Some students especially in particular programs share the textbook.

If your students are not buying your course materials you need to ask yourself

  1. Is the student’s success in your course affected by their lack of a book?
  2. How do I increase the perceived value of my book?
  3. Is there a less expensive book that provides the information you would like to convey?