Resources for Helping to Select Materials

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Here are some resources to assist you in finding the right course materials for you and your students:

  • Textbook Evaluation Form 
  • Faculty Center Network
    • Website: - Contact the bookstore for login information.
    • Features:
      • Complete listing of textbooks sorted into subject-matter specific categories.
      • Ranking system based on the national frequency of use by educational institutions.
      • Select a potential textbook and see a list of colleges & universities that use the title.
      • Many titles have sample chapters right on the website.
      • Request a review copy directly from the faculty center website.
  • Publisher Contact Information
    • Click here for a list of common publishers, along with their contact information.
  • Open Education Resources (OER)
    • Click here for a list of website of frequently used Open Education Resources.



 Per the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, Publishers MUST Provide:

  1. Price of textbook and supplemental materials.
  2. Copyright dates of the three previous editions.
  3. A description of substantial content revisions from the previous editions.
  4. Whether the textbook is available in other lower cost formats and, if so, the price to the institution and the general public.
  5. The price of textbooks unbundled from supplemental material.
  6. The same information, to the extent practicable, for custom textbooks.


  • Is the book or supplemental material available in any other binding or format (paperback, unbound, e-book, etc.) and what are their ISBN’s?
  • If an e-book is available, what kind of e-book delivery method (how do you access it) and what restrictions are there?  Can you print any of it or download it to a device for reading without internet access?
  • When is the next edition scheduled to be released?
  • How widely adopted is this textbook?  What other schools are using this text and for what courses or levels?
  • Will there be any return restrictions for unsold copies returned by the Bookstore to the publisher?
  • Is the textbook available by itself or only as part of a bundle?  Is it available separately?  How much are the components separately?
  • If I have an access code, what is its ISBN?  Is it available separately and for how much?  Does it have a different IBSN if purchased separately?   Is it just for access or is it an access code plus e-book?   (It is often better to have access separate if possible as it allows rental and buyback of the text itself).
  • If I am requiring an access code, what additional resources are being made available versus what would be available without requiring a code?   What file formats or course platform are online resource made available in? (Check with Distance Ed for compatibility).
  • If I am requiring an access code, does the publisher provide a direct billing option for access (access is separate from the book and charged to students as a lab fee)?   Contact Distance Ed for further information.
  • If this is an OER, do they have a print option for those who want a print copy?