Proposed Adoption Policy

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Blue Mountain Community College recognizes the rising costs of higher education to our students and is committed to reducing the barrier to student success caused by the high cost of course materials. The purpose of this textbook adoption policy is to support the academic mission of this institution while making our students’ education as affordable as possible. This institution recognizes that faculty course material selection decisions have the largest impact on the cost of course materials for our students. To aid instructors in selecting course materials, this policy provides guidelines based on best practices to assist faculty in making course material selections. The establishment of adoption deadlines will provide sufficient lead time for the bookstore to confirm availability, provide the greatest variety of delivery formats and, where possible, obtain the maximum quantity of used books. 

Additionally, this policy demonstrates Blue Mountain Community College’s compliance with both the letter and the spirit of the course material provisions in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008. Among other provisions of this federal law, there exists a requirement that course materials and their costs must be identified to students at the time of registration. This provision enables students to be fully aware of the full cost of attending a course while providing them ample time to explore every avenue for obtaining their course materials. Adoption deadlines enable Blue Mountain Community College to comply with this provision by utilizing the institutionally owned bookstore’s web site to post this information. Failure to comply with this provision can have a devastating impact on the institution as it puts at risk the institution’s ability to provide student financial assistance.

Textbooks and course materials are important tools that facilitate student learning. Textbooks or course materials should be selected for adoption for a course based on consensus of all full-time instructors for a course with input from adjunct faculty whenever possible. If a consensus cannot be reached, the department chair will be responsible for making the selection. If only one instructor exists for a course, they may select the textbook or course material to be adopted. However, if they are an adjunct instructor, their selection must be approved by their department chair.





May 15 (Aug. 1 for new courses)


Nov. 1


Feb. 1


Apr. 15

Each term the bookstore will notify faculty that the next term is open for submission of orders and the due date. A Course Materials Adoption Form must be submitted for each course. If different sections are not using the same course materials then a Course Materials Adoption Form must be submitted for each section. Adoption submissions may be emailed, faxed, delivered in person to the bookstore or submitted through Academic Department or Center Office Specialists.

Department heads will be responsible for ensuring that all pertinent courses under their authority have adoptions submitted by the deadline. If an adoption is not received by the deadline, the bookstore will adopt those materials previously used for the course. If there has been an edition change and insufficient quantities exist of the edition used in the past, the bookstore will automatically acquire the new edition of the book. It will be assumed that no course material is required if historical course material information does not exist. Even if course material is not being adopted for a course, a Course Materials Adoption Form must be submitted to the Bookstore indicating this is the case.

The bookstore will make every effort to keep faculty apprised of new editions. However, it is the responsibility of faculty members to be aware of when their course materials are changing editions.

Adoptions requested after the deadline must be approved by the Vice President of Instruction. If an adoption is requested after the deadline, the Bookstore will determine whether to accept the adoption change after the deadline or whether to continue with the existing adoption based on analysis of the fiscal impact to the college in relation to current orders, available on hand quantities and other factors. 

When no instructor has been assigned for a course section as of the adoption deadline date, the bookstore will adopt the course materials that are adopted for other sections of that course. If there are no other sections of that course, the bookstore will adopt those materials previously used for the course unless otherwise directed by the department chair. Once an instructor is assigned, they will be directed to use the textbook or course material that has been adopted.

After submission, the bookstore asks that faculty verify the accuracy of the course material adoption as entered by the bookstore staff either in person or by viewing the bookstore’s website within two weeks of the submission deadline.

The bookstore is responsible for providing information on best practices in textbook adoptions for faculty and for providing advice to faculty on matters pertaining to course materials. The bookstore will provide faculty with information including pricing and the availability of alternate formats and of separately available components of a bundled textbook. The bookstore will notify faculty and department chairs if a current adoption is obsolete, out of print, back ordered, or required book quantities are otherwise unavailable. In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, the bookstore will be responsible for posting all course material requirements for a particular term on the bookstore’s website no later than the first day of registration.