Desk/Examination/Review Course Material Guidelines

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Review, examination copy, desk and sample copies or complimentary teacher’s editions of course materials should be ordered directly from the publisher by faculty or their Academic Department Specialist. It is the responsibility of the instructor or Academic Department Specialist to initiate contact with publishers to obtain desk/exam/review copies. This practice ensures that the BMCC Bookstore does not appear to be influencing the adoption selection. Additionally, publishers prefer not to send free copies course materials to entities that customarily purchase said course materials for resale. It is the responsibility of the department chair to ensure adjunct faculty possess a desk copy for materials utilized for all sections of a particular course.

Most publisher’s websites and phone messages contain information about ordering instructor materials. The BMCC Bookstore can assist and provide publisher contact information upon request. It is suggested that faculty request review copies be distributed online or sent with prepaid return envelopes. Desk/exam/review copies increase the publisher’s final cost for course materials. By reviewing materials online, faculty may contribute to the reduction in these costs and as well as the disposal costs for obsolete or unadopted materials.

In cases of emergency, the Bookstore Manager may authorize a request by faculty to temporarily borrow a copy of the textbook from the BMCC Bookstore. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to return such temporary copies in equivalent saleable condition to the Bookstore or reimburse the Bookstore.


A desk/exam/review copy provided by a publisher at no charge and delivered to the attention of an employee at a college or district location whether solicited or not is presumed to be property of the college.


Faculty are encouraged to request from the publisher an additional copy of the course materials adopted for contribute to the library reserves desk. This gives those students who are unable to buy the textbook at the start of a course the option to use it while working the library. Publisher will generally provide a textbook for these purposes upon request.


As these desk/exam/review course materials are provided for professional academic use and are not intended by the publisher for sale, an employee should at no time sell or trade them to any person or other entity for compensation.

When desk/exam/review copies of textbooks are no longer needed by the employee, they can be disposed of in one of the following ways:

  1. Return item to the publisher or publisher’s representative at their expense.
  2. Check with the library to see if they want to add the textbook to their collection.
  3. Add the textbook to the department’s lending library for students.
  4. Give to the Bookstore for disposal.

After ensuring that there is no need for the course material by the institution, the BMCC Bookstore will attempt to return the course materials to the publisher at their expense. If the publisher does not wish to have the materials returned, the BMCC Bookstore will determine if the materials are appropriate for resale. Materials deemed note saleable (such as those specifically indicated as not for resale) will be disposed of by using a textbook recycling company or donated to a charitable organization.