Negative Impact of Poor Communication

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  • Students get the wrong book.
  • Confusion to students.
  • Poor BMCC experience.
  • Fewer options for different formats.
  • Higher cost due to lack of lower cost options resulting from inadequate time for Bookstore to provide these other products.
  • Ordering the wrong book or wrong bundle creating shipping and labor costs to return.  Some bundles are considered custom and have limited or no returns.
  • Buying back books that can’t be resold or can only be resold externally and possibly at a loss.
  • Purchasing used books when only new books or bundles are used.  Some used books are not returnable and those that are have a very limited return window.

REMEMBER:  Lack of accurate and timely information affects buying decisions.   Poor buying decisions mean losses to the Bookstore.  Bookstore losses are losses to the institution and result in higher prices for students.