Benefits of Planning Ahead For Students

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  • More Used Books Available – If we can anticipate our textbook needs in advance, the more time we have to find used books to purchase.  Bottom Line: Used books save our students money.
  • Buyback For More Terms – If we know the textbooks that will be used for future terms, we can buy back books for those future terms.  This puts more money in the pockets of students during buyback and increases our supply of used books available to purchase.
  • Lock In Lower Pricing – Book prices increase as the year advances.  If we purchase textbooks for future terms in advance, we can lock in our prices for the entire year.  Over the course of the year, this will save our students quite a bit of money.  If we order books for Spring term, for example, along with our Fall books instead of six months later, a student could save as much as $5 per book.
  • Textbooks In Stock Earlier – Having textbook information ahead of time enables us to get the books ordered earlier and on the shelves for students to purchase.  This is especially beneficial to those students who do not reside near one of the BMCC campuses.
  • Easier To Shop Around – The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 requires the school to make available ISBN information in order to give students the freedom to shop around for course materials if they so choose.  By providing the Bookstore with ISBN information in advance, we can have that information posted earlier – giving students an opportunity to possibly save some money on their purchases.