Inclement Weather Information

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Inclement Weather


02/09/17 - Thursday: BMCC Pendleton, Hermiston and Milton Freewater are on a 2 hour delay due to icy conditions.  BMCC Baker is running on schedule. 

01/31/17 - Tuesday UPDATE @ 10:01am : BMCC Milton Freewater closing for the entire day.  This closure is due to a power outage in the city. BMCC Hermiston is on a 2 hr delay (open at 10 am) .  Pendleton, Boardman and Baker County are running on schedule. 

01/19/17 - Thursday: BMCC Hermiston and Boardman 4 hr delay (open at noon), Baker 2 hr delay (open at 10 am), Pendleton and Milton Freewater running on schedule. 

01/18/17 - Wednesday UPDATE 9:10 am:  All BMCC locations are closed today.  

01/11/17 - Wednesday: BMCC Pendleton and Hermiston will be closed.  Milton Freewater and Baker will be open and running on schedule. 

01/10/17 - Tuesday: All BMCC locations will be closing at 5 pm due to worsening weather conditions.  All evening activities and classes are cancelled. 

01/10/17 - Tuesday: BMCC/Pendleton will be on a 2-hour delay.  All other locations operating on time.   

01/09/17 - Monday: UPDATED @ 6:03 am  All BMCC locations will be CLOSED due to the inclement weather.  

01/03/17 - Tuesday: BMCC/Pendleton operating on a 2 hour delay. All other locations running on schedule. 

12/16/16 - Friday: BMCC/Hermiston will be closed.  All other locations running on schedule. 

12/15/16 - Thursday: All BMCC Locations closed due to inclement weather. 

12/14/16 - Wednesday: BMCC/Hermiston closing at 5 pm due to inclement weather. 

12/9/16 - Friday: BMCC/Hermiston, Pendleton, Milton Freewater and Baker County  are closed due to inclement weather.                           

12/8/16 - Thursday: BMCC/Pendleton closed 4:30 pm due to snow accumulation.  

12/6/16-Tuesday: BMCC/Pendleton operating on schedule. Pls use your own discretion for traveling your unique route. Communicate w/your instructors. Other locations not reported, as of this time.


BMCC would like to make sure that you understand where you can find information should inclement weather require that class and business operations be altered at any of our locations.

Wolf Call is a flexible messaging system that can send information to students and employees via SMS text message, email and voice messaging, as well as through BMCC social media accounts.

The BMCC Public Relations department will utilize the media (local radio, television and newspapers, from every eastern Oregon and eastern Washington community) to get the word out that the college has had a schedule change due to inclement weather.

The information will also be posted:

  • On the BMCC website at,
  • The BMCC main phone line message (541-276-1260). It is the policy of the college to make every attempt to update this and all messages as early in the morning as possible.
  • Social Media utilized by the college (currently Facebook and Twitter) 

Additionally we are working to try to send messages through Canvas for an additional layer of communication. 


BMCC Public Relations