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Precision Irrigated Agriculture Facility

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Precision Irrigation Agriculture Facility

The Precision Irrigated Agriculture Facility in Hermiston, Oregon is a new BMCC facility made possible by the 2015 Capital Construction Bond approved by voters. The new facility can be found on Oregon States University's Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Campus (HAREC). Thanks to local farmers, and IRZ Consulting the facility is now ready for the 2017-18 school year.

There is a growing need to have an educated workforce able to optimize water resources to aid agriculture production. The new facility is designed to teach its students about agriculture technology for variable rate sprinklers, soil moisture monitors, and drones with the ability to survey fields. Local farmers have supported the facility by providing modern irrigation equipment for hands on learning. The programs taught at this facility will help students gain the skills necessary to remain competitive in a agriculture industry. 

  • Farm Manager
  • Irrigation Manager
  • Farm Data Analyst
  • Precision Irrigation Customer Service
  • Crop Consultant

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2121 S. 1st Street,
Hermiston, OR 97838

Facility Contact

Wade Muller
Phone: 541-278-5971