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2015-2020 Strategic Plan (Thru 9/2017)

Strategic Plan 2015-2020

BMCC Strategic Plan and Implementing Objectives


  1. Enhance Student Support
    1. Identify student needs,
    2. Develop a comprehensive advising program,
    3. Institutionalize learning communities, accelerated math courses, summer bridge program, and Career Pathways,
    4. Create a seamless learning environment,
    5. Create a climate that recognizes and nurtures diversity.
  2. Enhance Relevant and Comprehensive Curriculum
    1. Support achievement of core competencies,
    2. Expand and update curriculum, assessing relevance and need for specific courses,
    3. Integrate diversity needs in curriculum and events,
    4. Incorporate Career Pathways strategies and Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) initiatives.
  3. Increase Access through Innovative Delivery Methods and Systems
    1. Enhance the BMCC website,
    2. Apply assets equitably across the college district,
    3. Meet the needs of the under-represented and non-traditional populations,
    4. Increase financial assistance.
  4. Develop Employees to Their Highest Potential
    1. Increase access to technologies training,
    2. Maintain high standards for recruitment, hiring and retention of employees,
    3. Develop diversity awareness,
    4. Consistently implement an improvement-focused evaluation plan.
  5. Strengthen Institution through Assessment and Planning
    1. Implement a comprehensive assessment plan,
    2. Use data and information such as Career Pathways and SEM,
    3. Assess, design, and use data capabilities of new AIS system.
  6. Increase resources for Financial Growth and Stability
    1. Increase alumni and business contacts,
    2. Grant requests,
    3. Corporate sponsorships,
    4. Access innovation and incentive funds.
  7. Grow Community Partnerships
    1. Formalize partnerships with corporations, public agencies, college departments, and diversity populations,
    2. Organize work by industry clusters,
    3. Energize partners such as advisory boards, workforce investment boards, ESD, and regional partners.
  8. Integrate and Expand Marketing and Recruitment
    1. Engage more BMCC faculty and staff in marketing and recruitment efforts,
    2. Increase enrollment of dual-credit students and expanded options programs,,
    3. Support student groups representing diverse and non-traditional populations
    4. Incorporate and utilize Career Pathways and SEM initiatives.

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