Non-academic Program Review

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In keeping with our accreditation standards under the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), the College has established a 3-year cycle for assessment and review of all non-academic areas. This is also consistent with BMCC’s 2015-2020 strategic goal #3, “Continuous improvement based on evidence.” Non-academic program review (Non-APR) is a systematic process for evaluating and improving programs, programming, operational functions, and/or services through self-evaluation, peer evaluation, and assessment.  All non-academic areas of the College will complete a comprehensive program review comprised of 1) self-study, 2) internal/external evaluation and 3) report of findings every 3 years and on a rotating schedule. Program review is more evaluative than the annual departmental assessment and planning activity in that it focuses on the overall quality and the cumulative contribution of a program within the College towards mission fulfillment. For assistance, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at or

Non Academic Program Reviews are:

  • Completed every 3 years and align with BMCC's annual planning and Assessment timeline. 
  • Comprised of 3 phases 
    • Phase 1 - Complete Self-Study
    • Phase 2 - Complete Peer Review
    • Phase 3 - Report Out and Plan for Improviments

Non-Academic Program Review

  • Intended to be led by Unit or Department Dean, Director, Supervisor, or Manager with significant contribution by Departmental Staff 
  • Administrated by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness 
  • Shared with Vice President, Cabinet, and Coordinating Council

Facilitated by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness:

  • Oversees the Non-APR Self-Study process and Develops a rotating Schedule for all non-academic departments
  • Meets with departments who are beginning the self-study to explain the process and offer assistance
  • Provides prompts and assistance to departments when they complete the self-study and are ready for Phase 2 and Phase 3.
  • Makes recommendations to departments as needed for peer mentor support and peer reviewer

Non Academic Program Review Documents