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2018 Arts and Culture Week - Pendleton

BMCC's annual Arts and Culture Week

Monday April 16, 2018 to Thursday April 19, 2018

  • 10am: BMCC’s inaugural video contest kick-off event. Student Union
  • 11am: Michelle Janning, Whitman Sociology professor. “The Stuff of Family Life: How Our Homes Reflect Our Lives.” Theatre.
  • 12pm: ASG BBQ in the Quad
  • 1pm: Helix High School. Conflicts and Compromise—documentaries that highlight key historical moments in Oregon’s. Theatre
  • 2pm: Nick Nash. “A Philosopher’s Talk on Poetry.”
  • 5pm: Arts and Culture 20th anniversary. Student Union.
  • 6pm: Natasha Ria el-Scari, artist-in-residence. Natasha’s Black Feminist approach is reflected in her writing, poetry and performance pieces.

Check out the BMCC calendar for other dates and events. 

Contact: Alison Timmons