Criminal Justice Courses

CJ 101 Introduction to Criminology
CJ 110 Introduction to Law Enforcement OR CJ 100 Survey of Criminal Justice
CJ 130 Introduction to Corrections
CJ 120 Judicial Process
CJ 201 Juvenile Delinquency
*Core classes are usually offered every year
Other criminal justice classes**:
CJ 111 Concepts of Law Enforcement Services
CJ 114 Gender, Race, Class and Crime
CJ 115 Culture of Guns and Violence
CJ 132 Introduction to Probation and Parole
CJ 198 Criminal Justice: Victims’ Perspective
CJ 198 Computer and Internet Crime
CJ 210 Criminal Investigation
CJ 220 Criminal Law
CJ 222 Criminal Procedure and Evidence
CJ 225 Correctional Law
CJ 243 Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
CJ 280 Cooperative Work Experience
GS 111 Forensic Science
**Other classes are offered every one or two years, based upon demand

All BMCC criminal justice classes are transferrable electives taught by faculty with master’s degrees. Most classes are on line (distance education format). Students may enter the program at any time. The only requirement is that new students must take a placement test in reading, writing and math. Classes are scheduled year round.  Students wishing to transfer to a 4-year institution will want to consider the Applied Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) Requirements.