Pendleton Lion's Donation Helps BMCC Students

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Blue Mountain Community College,

Date: October 20, 2010
Contact:  Karen L. Hill, Public Relations, 541-278-5933 or 541-379-2753






Pendleton Lions’ Donation Helps BMCC Students

The Pendleton Lions Club is actively helping Blue Mountain Community College students solve problems. Over the last three years the Lions have donated $7,250 to fund emergency requests like buying textbooks for National Guard veterans, replacing textbooks lost in a house fire, paying science lab fees and nursing background checks, providing fuel cards, and funding grants for GED testing fees.

"With Lions Club donations, we can quickly process a $100 grant so the student can stay in class," said BMCC Foundation executive director Margaret Gianotti. "The Lions allow us to keep the process simple.  In a maze of red tape, it is appreciated by our students in need."

BMCC students also access the Pendleton Lions Club for eyeglasses.  Lions member Jon Spilker recounted that their club bought glasses for a member of the BMCC softball team and for a student who couldn’t see her instructor’s writing on the board.

As near as Chuck Showaker and Spilker can figure, the Pendleton Lions Club has been providing assistance to BMCC students since 1984. The Lions funding comes from seat cushion sales and running a hamburger stand at Round-Up.



Picture (left to right): Pendleton Lion’s Club members Chuck Showaker and Jon Spilker; student recipient Tiffany Fine, and BMCC president John Turner accept a Lion’s Club donation.