Officers Receive Training

Press Release Date: 

Blue Mountain Community College,

Date: December 2, 2010
Contact:  Karen L. Hill, Public Relations, 541-278-5933 or 541-379-2753




Officers Receive Training


The action in the north parking lot at Blue Mountain Community College came from an Aerosol Chemical Weapon’s class held for local law enforcement officers on December 1. After classroom discussion and demonstrations by DPSST certified instructor Scott Fowler, the class confined themselves in an ambulance and inhaled several chemical aerosols used to disburse crowds and to vacate building or vehicles. After each detonation officers exited the ambulance to let the products dissipate. These experiences train officers for situations when they are forced to make split second judgments in circumstances that are tense, uncertain and rapidly evolving. It also gives officers the tools to more effectively testify to the transient effects of exposure to chemical aerosols when they appear as expert witnesses.

The ambulance, donated by Hermiston Fire and Emergency Services, will be used again for emergency medical technicians at BMCC in the spring. The slate of emergency preparedness classes can be found on the college website