BMCC receives Meyer Memorial Trust for Hermiston Higher Education Center

Press Release Date: 

Blue Mountain Community College,
Date: May 17, 2010
Contact:  Karen L. Hill, Public Relations, 541-278-5933 or 541-379-2753

Blue Mountain Community College received notice today that Meyer Memorial Trust has awarded $400,000 to help build the Hermiston Higher Education Center. The award comes in two parts with contingencies. The first part is an outright award of $200,000. The second part is an award of $200,000 contingent upon our raising the funds needed to add four additional classrooms to the building. 
Hermiston Mayor Bob Severson said he was thrilled with the news. * This makes passage of the bond issue even more important and beneficial to the project,” said Severson.
Meyer Memorial Trust is not putting any restrictions on the source of the additional funds, so passage of the City of Hermiston $800,000 bond measure would meet the matching funds criteria.   “However,” said BMCC President John Turner, “Meyer said adding the additional classrooms has to be part of the original construction, so raising the $200,000 matching gift needs to be done immediately because construction starts this summer.”
The spokesperson for Meyer Memorial Trust said the Hermiston Higher Education Center award was one of their largest grants to community colleges and it was significantly more than any other capital project funded by Meyer Memorial Trust in this round.