BMCC Nursing Program Donations

Press Release Date: 

Blue Mountain Community College,

Date: July 19, 2010
Contact:  Karen L. Hill, Public Relations, 541-278-5933 or 541-379-2753


PENDLETON - Local hospitals and an area foundation have teamed up to support Blue Mountain Community College’s nursing program. The Hermiston based Red and Gena Leonard Foundation announced a $10,000 contribution to help pay for one full-time nursing faculty position. Additional contributions of $20,000 each come from both Good Shepherd Medical Center and St. Anthony Hospital. This is the ninth year these entities have made a combined $50,000 gift to the college. The hospitals also provide clinical sites for BMCC nursing students.

"The nursing program is BMCC’s most expensive program because of the prescribed low student/faculty ratio," said BMCC President John Turner. "These gifts ensure that our nursing students have five qualified instructors. In spite of its cost, the nursing program is one of the most important programs at BMCC because our graduates tend to work in our region and take care of our local health care needs."   

The college admits 30 students to this highly sought after two-year associate degree program each year. This year BMCC received 108 applications, admitted 30, and placed 10 students on a wait list. Last year’s records identified nearly 200 students who listed themselves as pre-nursing students.