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This page is designed to provide BMCC staff with resources to improve communication and productivity. Information is available for the following technologies:

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing software used at BMCC  to connect staff and students using voice, chat, webcam, whiteboard tools, and shared applications over the Internet. A new version called Ultra View is now available for staff use. BMCC will continue to have access to both versions during the 2015-2016 academic year, allowing users to pilot the new version.

With Ultra View:

  • The new system has been redeveloped to be HTML 5 compliant and is no longer based on Java. It is based on Web RTC technology.
  • Downloading the collaborate launcher is no longer required.
  • There is a new modern interface. Much simpler to use in its redesign. Users must use Google Chrome for full functionality
  • Introduction of new roles: 
    • Moderator – has full functionality and control over the web room
    • Presenter – can present/deliver presentations and perform activities associated with that (e.g. whiteboard, share screen, share application)
    • Student – normal role as per what’s available now, cannot deliver presentations but can interact with features made available in room.
Currently there is no recording functionality or break out rooms available. To decide on which Web conferencing room is best for your teaching please read this information.

Blackboard Instant Messaging (IM)

Blackboard IM is being used at BMCC for IT, Instructional and staff support. Below are some of the most helpful features of Blackboard IM. Click on a link to view the training tutorial.
  • Chat to communicate quickly and efficiently with your classmates
  • Calls for more natural communication with one-on-one or group conversations
  • Collaboration to share ideas with others
  • Screen Sharing for real-time display of any document or application on your computer
  • Whiteboard to harness the power of visual instruction
  • Web Tour to share webpages
  • Web Conferencing to use Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing for a full online classroom
  • Office Hours to create a focused setting where classmates and contacts can line up for individual attention
  • Help Desks for virtual assistance from the administrative services at your institution
  • Broadcast Notifications for institution-wide alerts

There are also a few documents that may be helpful.

The entire user manual is also available.

Quality Matters (QM)

Quality Matters has a faculty self-review tool that BMCC faculty may access to review their courses with alignment to QM standards.   This tool, along with other course design best practices, could help our faculty improve online/hybrid courses.  In turn, that would lead to improved student success.   There is a video tutorial that may be helpful in understanding QM:
The QM Rubric outlines course syllabus and learning management system requirements.


For more information about QM at BMCC, contact the QM coordinator Karen Willis. 


Zoom is a cross-platform, video-conferencing that allows a host and participants to collaborate through audio and video. BMCC uses Zoom in classrooms and for meetings.


A ticket can have many request types as shown below. The location and room number help us know the location of the work to be done, and fill in as many details as you can. 

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