Student Success Staff

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StaffTitleDepartmentsRoom NumberPhoneEmail
Arndt, ShayneDirector, Student Health and Wellness Resource CenterPendleton, Student Services, Student Success, Student WellnessM-152(541) 278-5965
Baker, BradStudent Success CoachPendleton, Student SuccessM-133(541) 278-5964
Barnum, KrisInterim Director of Student Success CenterPendleton, Student Affairs, Student SuccessM-135(541) 278-5958
Brown, StephanieProgram Asst TRIOPendleton, Student Success, TRIOP-244 2nd floor Library(541) 278-5853
Cummings, ThomasProfessional Tutor - Baker CityBaker County, Student Success
DeLatorre, SonyaStudent Success CoachBaker County, Student Success(541) 523-9127 ext. 3205
Ferguson, DelanneProfessional TutorPendleton, Student Success, TRIOP-250 2nd Floor Library(541) 278-5839
Hill, Jeff "JJ"Recruitment Program CoordinatorPendleton, Student Affairs, Student SuccessM-124(541) 278-5936
Justice, MarkProfessional TutorPendleton, Student SuccessStudent Success Center for Tutoring
Knopf, MarcyStudent Success CoachMilton Freewater, Student Success(541) 938-4082 ext. 3185
McClendon, DawnDirector, Student Outreach & Leadership/Interim Director, AthleticsPendleton, Student Affairs, Student SuccessM-131(541) 278-5937
Mota, ArtStudent Success CoachHermiston, Student Affairs, Student Success110(541) 567-1800 ext. 3311
Olivera, RomanDirector, TRiO/Student Support ServicesPendleton, Student Success, TRIOP-243 2nd Floor Library(541) 278-5849
Pierson, AbbyEarly College Connections CoordinatorPendleton, Student Affairs, Student SuccessM-125(541) 278-5921
Schuening, HollyProgram Assistant, OutreachPendleton, Student Affairs, Student Life, Student SuccessM-130(541) 278-5940
Severin, AllisonStudent Success CoachPendleton, Student SuccessM-137(541) 278-5741
Smith, AnnieNative Student Counselor & CTUIR LiaisonStudent SuccessP-254 2nd floor Library(541) 278-5935
Torres, AprilStudent Success CoachPendleton, Student Success, TRIOP-249 2nd Floor Library(541) 278-5852
Young, MichaelProfessional TutorPendleton, Student Success, TRIOP-250 2nd Floor Library(541) 278-5853
Zojonc, LindaAdministrative Assistant Enrollment MgmtPendleton, Student Affairs, Student SuccessST 201(541) 278-5760