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Business Meetings: For Fall 2017 Term-

Tuesdays 3:00pm in the M-100 in Morrow Hall--- Meetings are open to students and staff.

2017/2018 ASG OFFICERS 

President Kristine Bivins

Vice-President Jaycee Barron

Secretary Liz Cox

Treasurer JD Thacker

Activities Coordinator Keith Udy

Outreach Coordinator Ian Speed

Publicity Coordinator Robert Brown

2017/2018 ASG SENATORS

Marisol Mateo

Emily Griffin

Brenda Campos

Daniel Doherty

Jaycee Ternes

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Meet YOUR Team 


Kristine Bivins is this year’s ASG President, she is an open-minded and talkative leader from Hermiston, Oregon. Kris enjoys watching basketball, traveling and hanging out with friends and family! 



Olivia (Brolivia) Steffey is this year’s ASG Secretary, she is a talented and friendly leader from Hermiston, Oregon. She has an interest in science and medicine. Olivia also loves art and playing her ukulele! She also plans to travel as much as she can!


Evelia Lopez is this year’s ASG Treasurer, she is a sassy and loyal leader from Hermiston Oregon. She is currently working toward her A.A.O.T degree so that she can transfer to a University and get her degree in Dental Hygiene. Evelia loves shoes, sparkles, traveling and exploring the wilderness. Most importantly she enjoys doing things with her loved ones. 


Sarah Bonner is this year’s ASG Outreach Coordinator, she is a trustworthy and enthusiastic leader who comes from Billings, Montana. Sarah is also on the BMCC Softball team, come watch her and the other Lady Timberwolves play! Her favorite activities are softball, camping and spending time with family. Sarah loves Laffy Taffy jokes and her favorite color is purple!


Emily Vandehey is this year’s ASG Publicity Coordinator, she is a hardworking and encouraging leader from Hermiston Oregon. Emily was very involved in FFA in high school which fueled her passion for agriculture, she is now working toward becoming an agriculture teacher and FFA advisor. Emily loves a good cup of coffee and her chickens. 



Jaycee Barron is the ASG Vice President, she is a dedicated and extraordinary leader from Hermiston Oregon. She plans to pursue a career in computer science. In her spare time she enjoys writing and drawing!


Tiffanee Lewis is a second year student and an ASG Senator, she is polite and responsible leader that is from Benton City Washington. Tiffanee is working toward her A.A.O.T so that she can discover her passion. She enjoys watching “The Office” and “My 600lb life” while drinking tea with her mom. She is also on the BMCC Rodeo team so she enjoys evening rides with her horses and rodeo practice with her family on the weekends.



Elizabeth Cox is an ASG Senator from Echo, Oregon. Lizzi is currently working on her A.A.O.T. 


Ian Speed is the ASG Activities Coordinator from Athena, Oregon. Ian is looking into a career in political science, he enjoys reading about politics and playing video games. Ian's favorite music is heavy metal or hard rock and his favorite band is System of a Down. 


Dylan (Dillweed) Hodges is an ASG Senator from Hermiston, Oregon. Dylan is interested in becoming an electrical engineer. His hobbies include paintballing and playing lacrosse. He enjoys long walks on the beach followed with a Mariachi Band.