Meet the ASG Team

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Business Meetings: For Winter 2018 Term-

Tuesdays 3:00pm in the M-100 in Morrow Hall--- Meetings are open to students and staff.

2017/2018 ASG OFFICERS 

President Kristine Bivins

Vice-President Jaycee Barron

Secretary Liz Cox

Treasurer JD Thacker

Activities Coordinator Keith Udy

Outreach Coordinator Ian Speed

Publicity Coordinator Robert Brown

2017/2018 ASG SENATORS

Kaden Clark

Emily Griffin

Brenda Campos

Daniel Doherty

Jaycee Ternes


Meet YOUR Team 


Kristine Bivins is this year's ASG President. She is an outgoing and fashionable leader from Hermiston, OR. Kristine enjoys traveling and being with friends. She is an avid animal lover. She is going for an AAOT degree and wants to go into social justice or psychology, she's not quite sure which yet.



Jaycee Barron is the ASG Vice President, she is a dedicated and extraordinary leader from Hermiston Oregon. She plans to pursue a career in computer science. In her spare time she enjoys writing and drawing!



Elizabeth Cox is an ASG Senator from Echo, Oregon. Lizzi is currently working on her A.A.O.T. 


Ian Speed is the ASG Activities Coordinator from Athena, Oregon. Ian is looking into a career in political science, he enjoys reading about politics and playing video games. Ian's favorite music is heavy metal or hard rock and his favorite band is System of a Down. 

 Jaycee 2018

Jaycee Ternes is an ASG Senator. She is an outgoing and cheerful leader from Hermiston, OR. Jaycee enjoys driving and having fun. She is a class clown who always keeps everyone laughing. She is going for an AAOT degree, transferring to a four-year university to study dermatology nursing.

JD 2018

JD Thacker is this year's ASG Treasurer. He is an approachable and driven leader from Hermiston, OR. JD enjoys golfing and playing card games. He is going for an AAOT degree to transfer to BYU-Provo where he will receive his Masters in Accounting/Business Admin. and become a Certified Public Account.

Brenda 2018 

Brenda Campos is an ASG Senator. She is a funny and driven leader from Umatilla, OR. Brenda enjoys traveling and being around friends. She is also a master potato packer. She is going for an AAOT degree to eventually become a nurse.

 Danny 2018

Danny Doherty is an ASG Senator. He is a genuine and inclusive person from Ione, OR. Danny enjoys farming and BBQs with friends. Danny also really, really enjoys potato salad. He is going for an AAS Ag Business degree so he can own his own farm one day.

 Emily 2018

Emily Griffin is an ASG Senator. She is a confident and helpful leader from Pendleton, OR. Emily enjoys hunting and fishing. "Any size pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough."-Emily Griffin. She is going for an Associate of Applied Science degree to become a nurse.

Robert 2018

Rob Brown is this year's ASG Publicity Coordinator. He is an insightful and hardworking student from Great Falls, MT. Rob enjoys watching movies and traveling. Rob has lived all across the country. He is going for an AAOT degree, then study botany and he wants to open his own business one day.


Keith Udy is this year's ASG Activities Coordinator. He is an intelligent and thoughtful leader from Athena, OR. Keith enjoys reading, writing and watching Disney Movies. Keith also works in the library, so if you see him in there, say hi! He is going for an ASOT-Business degree.