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What is Early College Credit (ECC)?

Early College Credit (ECC) is a program involving a partnership between Blue Mountain Community College and high schools in our region which allows you to earn college credit while you are still in high school. These college credits are posted to a BMCC transcript and apply to certificates and degrees here at Blue Mountain Community College or may be transferred to another college or university. ECC allows you to get an early start toward a college certificate or degree at an amazing savings of time and money!

There are a variety of ways to earn Early College Credit (ECC): * For more details see our BMCC Early College Credit brochure and ECC Quick Facts postcard

Registration Advice

As a participant in the Early College Credit Program you will have access to many of the same resources as other BMCC students. Once your record has been established you will be able to access the BMCC online student portal (Wolfweb). The Wolfweb incudes; your student record information, online registration/schedule, payment/bill, degree audit, grades, and more. A BMCC student email account will be established within 24 hours of registration for your first course. This will be a primary means of communication between BMCC and you.

When you participate in the Early College Credit Program, you are starting an official college transcript. The credit that is posted to your Blue Mountain Community College transcript will be reviewed by colleges and universities you choose to attend in the future and may have impact on things such as being accepted or receiving a scholarship. A poor transcript may affect your eligibility for federal financial aid. It is very important that you protect your BMCC transcript and only register for college credit through the ECC program where you plan to do your best.

Dates and Deadlines are important so pay attention to them! You must meet the registration timelines each term or you will miss opportunities for college credit --late registration is not allowed. If you need to drop a course, be sure to meet the drop deadlines or you will be responsible for the course fee and a grade will post to your transcript. For more details regarding Dual Credit see our “Dates and Deadlines”, for other ECC programs see our BMCC 2016/17 Academic Calendar.

We strongly encourage you to review the Creating a Record and Registering with Permission Code Guide prior to registering.

Get Registered

Early College Credit students must have a BMCC record to be able to register for ECC courses. To get started, please select the link that best describes you.

I have never taken a course or workshop at BMCC: Create your student account by selecting this link.

I have taken BMCC courses, workshops or Compass Placement Tests:  Log on to the Wolfweb by selecting this link.

**Note - If you are unsure whether or not you have a BMCC record, email earlycollege@bluecc.edu . 

I am under the age of 16: (follow the steps below to register for BMCC credit)
1. If you do not have a BMCC student account, Create your student account by selecting this link.
2. Complete BMCC's ECC Underage Registration form.
3. Mail, email or fax completed form to BMCC (address, email and fax information is on the form).

 **Note - Students under the age of 16 are only restricted from registering online, they will have access to all other online functions (drops, withdraws, payments, view/order transcripts and more).


Cost and Payment for ECC

The cost to earn BMCC credit while you are still in high school varies depending on what program you are in.

Dual Credit and Sponsored Dual Credit cost is $20 per credit beginning in the 2017-18 academic year, a significantly reduced rate to the standard tuition/fees for regular BMCC students (currently $103 per credit for in-state students).

Expanded Options cost is $103 per credit and the high school would typically cover these costs.

Registering for BMCC courses on your own is charged at the standard tuition rate of $103 per credit hour.

Your ECC balance due may be paid online at the time of registration or you may pay your balance at a later time, so long as it is prior to the deadline for each term (for Dual Credit see our “Dates and Deadlines, go to our BMCC 2016/17 Academic Calendar for other ECC dates and deadlines). If your account is past due a financial hold will be placed which will prevent you from future registration and access to your BMCC transcripts until the overdue balance is paid in full.

There are a variety of ways to make payments on your account:
  • Pay online- Log on to your BMCC Wolfeb and select “Paying my bill via credit/debit card”
  • In person or by phone- Visit or call our any of our BMCC Service Centers
  • By mail- PO Box 100, Pendleton Oregon, 97801.

Some high schools have programs in place to pay for their students' Early College Credit courses. Please check with your high school administration to see if this might apply to you.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to make sure that your account remains in good standing by following up with BMCC, your high school or your parents with regards to paying for your Early College Credit.

ECC Drop/Withdraw Policy

If you are not doing well in your ECC course, you have a couple of options:
  • Drop the course before the Drop deadline. A course that has been dropped does not show up on your transcript and you do not have to pay for it.
  • Withdraw from the course prior to the Withdraw deadline. A course that has been withdrawn from will show on your transcript as a “W”. This is considered an unsuccessful attempt, but does not negatively affect your Grade Point Average (GPA). You are responsible to pay for a course that you withdraw from.
*For Dual Credit deadlines see our Dates and Deadlines, go to our BMCC 2016/17 Academic Calendar for other ECC programs.

You are responsible to drop/withdraw from ECC classes by the deadlines. Late (after deadline) drops/withdraws are not allowed. To drop or withdraw from your ECC course, log on to your Wolfweb account and select “Drop or withdraw from a class (es)”.

When you register for ECC you are a college student as well as a high school student.


1) Dropping a high school class does not drop you from your  BMCC ECC course and 

2) Your high school teacher is not responsible to drop you from your ECC course. If you decide you need to drop or withdraw from your ECC course you must do so using the Wolfweb portal. Contact our BMCC Service Center if you need assistance (541-278-5759).

** Drops and Withdraws do not apply to Early College CBE. Your CBE exam results will be transcribed to your record with no option to drop/withdraw

ECC Refund Policy

Refunds are available as long as you drop your course prior to the drop deadline for that term. If you miss the drop deadline, there will be no refund of ECC fees (for Dual Credit see our “Dates and Deadlines”, for other ECC programs go to our BMCC 2016/17 Academic Calendar).

** Refunds do not apply to Early College Credit CBE


Your ECC course(s) are graded on a letter scale: A, B, C, D, F, W (Withdrawn) or INC (Incomplete). Early College Credit CBE courses will be graded on a letter scale; A,B,C,D, F or a student may choose to select a Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grade option (there is a limit to the number of credits with P/NP grades that can be transferred, or used toward a certificate or degree).

An Incomplete (INC) can only be granted when at least 60% of the ECC course curriculum has been completed and the student is able to complete the course within in 1 calendar year, or for seniors, prior to graduation from high school.

Tracking your Progress to Degree Completion

We encourage students to track their progress towards completing a degree at BMCC by using BMCC's Degree Audit system.  To access this system, log on to the WolfWeb.  Instructions on How to Create and Run A Degree Audit.

For those students pursuing the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree you may also use our AAOT Degree Worksheet and Course List by Course Designation list.  


A college transcript is an official record of the courses taken, grades earned and credits awarded at a college or university. This document is how credit is transferred from one institution to another and is often requested with employment applications when specific education requirements are needed. It is very important to monitor your college transcript after each term to be sure courses, grades and credits are posted accurately. Mistakes should be reported to the registrar’s office (541-278-5758) or the ECC office (earlycollege@bluecc.edu) immediately.

Missing courses:  If you believe that you registered for a BMCC course that is not showing on your official transcript, you must report this during the academic year in which the coursework was completed. Example:  took a biology course during 1st semester 2016 (September 2015 - January 2016).  Must resolve the error no later than June 10, 2016.

Grades: If you believe the grade issued for a course is incorrect, you have one year from the term and year the course was taken to submit an appeal.

Example:  received a grade of "C" in a  biology course during 1st semester 2016 (September 2015 - January 2016).  Must submit a grade appeal during or prior to January 2017.

Your transcript will be updated each term/semester when you have completed your ECC classes and the grades have been submitted. When you are ready to have these credits transferred, you will need to request an official transcript be sent to the college or university you will be attending.

How to order an official transcript to be sent to another college
  • Students have two options to request an official transcript!

    • Online:  
      • Service available via the Web at any time, 24/7! 
      • A credit or debit card is required to request your transcript online. Real-time email and mobile text alerts keep you up-to-date on the status of your order.  You may also track your order on our Transcript Ordering Web site!
      • You can order as many transcripts as you like in one online session.
      • This option will allow you to submit a document with your request.


    There are two ways to access the Online Transcript Ordering process:

    • Log on to the Wolfweb:  this option automatically authenticates the student.
    • Log on to the National Student Clearinghouse site:  this option will require the student to submit authentication documentation the first time you select this option. See link above.
    •  Paper:  If you are not able to pay online with a credit or debit card please send an email to studentrecords@bluecc.edu  We will email a paper Transcript Request form to you. You may submit your completed form in person, along with payment, to at any BMCC location or by mail (mailing address is on paper form).  Note - this option may delay processing of your request.
How to view/print an unofficial transcript

Student Resources

 Information coming soon!

My BMCC Email

All students will be issued a my.bluecc.edu email address once they register for their first course. This will be the primary way that BMCC will be communicating with you so that we can be assured that our communications are secure. Below are the steps to take to set up your email account.

  • Go to the email log in page Student e-mail
  • Email addresses will include your first initial, middle initial, full last name, last 4 digits of Student ID.
  • Your initial password will be your student ID number.
  • When you first log in, you will get a screen that says 'Additional Information is Required', and ask you to personalize your password. Please fill out the additional information fields and click 'Submit'.
Forgot your Email password? Go to our helpdesk page
I need help with my Email! Please call 541-278-5827 and our Helpdesk staff will assist you. When leaving a message, be sure to include your name, student id#, email address, and a contact phone number.

Roles & Responsibilities

The High School and ECC Teachers will:
  1. Provide the college with the course and instructor information needed to assist in establishing and maintaining ECC articulation agreements and on-line registration processes.
  2. Assist the college in providing ECC information to students and parents. Make all necessary information and handouts available to students. Direct students and parents to the ECC website for information.
  3. Provide any required special education and related services to students taking ECC courses at the high school. Please note, accommodations can only be made for content delivery, learning environment and manner of assessments. Student learning outcomes, course content and demonstrated mastery cannot be modified for a student to receive college credit.
  4. Appoint an ECC Liaison to act as the point of contact for your school
  5. Submit course syllabi with college required elements for all articulated courses each new academic year.
  6. Monitor student registration in courses to assure accuracy of student registrations.
  7. Complete student grade reports on-line and within timeline required by the college.

The College will:
  1. Partner with the high school to make students and parents aware of the ECC opportunity.
  2. Maintain an informational website for ECC programs and related processes.
  3. Provide the high school teacher with training and access to the college on-line grading system.
  4. Maintain student transcripts and provide online access for all ECC students.
  5. Provide information for students to obtain official student transcripts as well as how to print unofficial transcripts from their Student Wolfweb account.
  6. Facilitate regular meetings between high school teachers and college departments.
  7. Inform ECC Instructors of faculty professional development opportunities available at BMCC.
  8. Create, maintain and make available copies of articulation agreements between the high schools and the college.
The Student will:
  1. Contact their ECC teacher, the high school ECC Liaison or the ECC Office if they have any questions.
  2. Create a BMCC student record and maintain this account with accurate contact information.
  3. Keep track of BMCC student account log-in information for access to student records and registration system.
  4. Complete the curriculum and assessments for ECC courses as approved by the college. If special services are needed, the student will work with the high school for these services. Reasonable adjustments in teaching methods and/or assessment delivery that do not alter the essential content of a course or program may be possible, but all students must meet the student learning outcomes and the assessment rigor of the course in order to be eligible for college credit.    
  5. Register for college credit accurately and according to the posted timelines (for Dual Credit see our Dates and Deadlines , go to our BMCC 2016/17 Academic Calendar for other ECC programs).
  6. Pay the cost for ECC credits upon registration or by the payment deadline. Holds will be placed on student accounts for unpaid balances.
  7. Drop college course(s) by the drop deadline should the student decide they will not be successful in the course.
  8. Withdraw from ECC course within the withdraw deadline if the student determines that a non-successful grade is inevitable.
  9. Check college transcript for grades and accuracy at the end of each term registered for college credit.
  10. Order official transcripts when ready to transfer credit to another college or university.

Student Conduct and Cheating/Plagiarism Policies

Because you are earning both high school and college credit for the ECC classes offered at the high school, you are expected to follow student conduct policies of both the high school and the college. Student conduct policies are found on our BMCC website at Student rights and responsibilities .

In cases of cheating or plagiarism, the ECC teacher is solely responsible for resolving the situation. The ECC teacher may choose to apply a different option for the high school credit and the college credit.

Financial Aid Implications

As an ECC student you are not eligible for federal or state financial aid; however, the credits you earn and grades you receive through the Early College Credit program will be considered in determining your future financial aid eligibility. This is a good reason to be intentional about the courses you take. Careful planning and awareness of important Early College Credit dates and deadlines will help you achieve a successful start to your college experience.

Students who earn Early College Credit are still eligible to apply for the Oregon Promise grant program. Be aware that ECC courses will be considered when determining Oregon Promise eligibility.  For more information about Oregon Promise go to http://www.oregonstudentaid.gov/oregon-promise.aspx

FERPA Privacy Policy

FERPA stands for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of your educational records as a student. FERPA applies to all students registering for college credits regardless of age. Unlike high school, your parents will not have access to your student records unless you give them permission. This process is called “Authorization to Release Information”.  To give this permission, log on to your Wolfweb account and select "Authorization to Release Information", then complete the online form and click "save".  Make sure you share the password that you create with those you list on the authorization form.

Completing this step will allow us to share information with those listed as necessary. This authorization stays in place until you choose to remove it. If you fail to set up the “Authorization to Release Information” option in your account, then the only person BMCC can work with to resolve registration, payment or other issues is you. Please email earlycollege@bluecc.edu or contact our Service Center if you need assistance (541-278-5759).

Students with Disabilities

High schools and colleges operate under different guidelines for students with disabilities. All eligible students are allowed to participate in Early College Credit courses, but they must meet the college requirements to be eligible for the college credit. Students must complete the curriculum and assessments for ECC courses as approved by the college. Reasonable adjustments in teaching methods and/or assessment delivery that do not alter the essential content of a course or program may be possible for students with a documented disability, but all students must meet the student learning outcomes and assessment rigor of the course in order to be eligible for college credit. If special services are needed, the student will work with the high school for these services.

** Contact our Disabilities Services in the Student Health & Wellness Resource Center for more information at 541-278-5965

More Information

Success Stories

Learn how the ECC program has helped other students to complete certificates and degrees sooner, with substantial savings. If you'd like to share your story with others, please complete the Student Success Testimonials form and return BMCC.