Students First Advisory Council (SFAC)

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Purpose and Charge:

To assure that BMCC strategic enrollment initiatives and policies are connected to both immediate as well as long term college goals supporting equitable access, progression, and completion for students.

The Students First Advisory Council will discuss, develop, recommend, monitor, and evaluate all aspects of BMCC’s three year strategic enrollment management (SEM) plan related to recruitment, retention, graduation, transfer, alumni engagement, and the overall experience of BMCC students. This committee is advisory to the Vice President of Student Affairs, Vice President of Instruction, and Vice President of Public Relations.


2016-17 Objectives:

  • Continued progress with the initiatives listed in our three master plans - SEM, AMP, CMP
  • Continue the promising practices of Achieving the Dream
  • Continue the focus on: pick up where we left off last spring
    • Equity
      • 1) Implement new equity definition and guiding statement
      • 2) Work in collaboration with the BMCC Diversity and Equity Committee to host further opportunities for learning and proficiency in this area
      • 3) Look at student achievement data to determine where the gaps are - provide recommendations on how to close the gaps
    • First-Year-Experience
      • 1)Reconstruct and pilot a "first year" course sequence for new to college students based on an effective proven model for curriculum that is informed by student success literature
      • 2) Prepare for full implementation 2017-18

2017 - 2018

Current Agenda:


Current Meeting Notes:


Meeting Notes From Prior Years:

SFAC 10.31.16

SFAC 12.2.16 Notes, Handouts 1-5    Handout 6

SFAC 2.10.17 Notes, Handouts   PowerPoint Students First Advisory Report  

   PowerPoint Summer Bridge



Membership Roster:





Diane Drebin
Casey White-Zollman
MJ Kuhar



Cam Preus



Shannon Franklin
Stacie Stahl
Linda Zojonc


Dean, CTE & Community Education

Carl Melle


Dean of Student Development & Success

Ralph Murphy


Institutional Effectiveness

Tim Wilson
Kedar Koirala


College Coordinating Council Representatives (2)
  • faculty
  • non-faculty


2 years

Achieving the Dream Representative


1 year

Advising Steering Committee Representatives (2)


1 year

Center Representation (5)

Naamah Franke, Dan Koopman, Jacelyn Keys, Anne Morter, Susan Kralman


AVP Finance & Business Operations

Celeste Insko



Anne Livingston



Dawn DiFuria


Financial Aid

Yadira Gonzalez


Enrollment Services

Theresa Bosworth


Director of Library & Media Services

Jackie Ray



Margaret Gianotti


Faculty At-Large

Stan Beach

1 Year

Student Representation (1-3)


1 year


Reports to:

The SFAC will report twice a year to President’s Cabinet and College Coordinating Council as follows:

  1. Fall term – Report on goals for the year
  2. Spring term - Report on outcomes for the year

2015-16 Objectives:

  1. Establish “Students First” criteria and measures by January 2016
  2. Evaluate internal/external SEM/CMP/AMP Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) data
  3. Assist with the co-development of the three master plans supporting SEM, CMP, and AMP.
  4. Provide input to the development of a student recruitment plan

Connection to BMCC 2015-2020 Strategic Plan:

Goal #1: Students First – BMCC is Committed to Promoting Equity in Success for All Students

Goal #2: Current and Comprehensive BMCC Marketing, Communication, and Recruitment Plan

Goal #3: Relevant, Dynamic, and Diverse BMCC Curriculum

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Blue Mountain Community College reflects its commitment to Students First in that students feel valued, supported, and encouraged by the campus community from the time they decide to enroll until they complete their educational goals. Students respond to this commitment through their engagement, persistence, and successful completion of their educational goals. (est. 1/25/16 by the BMCC Students First Advisory Council)